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As of now 1 student has got a PPO from V Guard in Marketing dept. Tomorrow 9 students are attending recruitment by South Indian Bank. They are of Finance specialization.

Till last year's batch the major recruiter was Coal India Ltd. However, during this academic year their campus recruitment process was challenged in court by some student, as it denied students from other institutes from placement opportunities. The Madras high court has made its judgement in favor of Coal India and probably from next year on they would turn up again.

@Mbakarlore €Ë˜Selection at NITC-SOMS is through the CAT examination

mumbai....................wat abt u.........are u gonna take admission...

i m in

As CET res r out now...............
can anybody convert CMAT And CAT score into CET
ma CMAT -215 AIR 2071
CAt-87.92 %
CET 93.98%

which college can i get ??????????

As CET res r out now...............
can anybody convert CMAT And CAT score into CET
ma CMAT -215 AIR 2071
CAt-87.92 %
CET 93.98%

HEy puys...........
can any1 tell me how they gonn convert CAt and CMAT score?
if yes
could any1 tell me equivalent score
otf this
CAT-87.92% tile
CMAt -AIR-2071

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Hi guys, The students can check the status of the application by tonight... the list of short listed students have been sent to the Computer network center and you will be able to see the results as soon as they upload it.

Just go to the site
" National Institute of Technology Calicut " and check ur application status...

1. The course co-ordinator has sent individual invitation letter to all those who are short-listed (by email and Post ). If you have not received any e-mail, please wait for one more day and post's will take the usual postal department time.
It has been decided to cancel Hyderabad from the list of venues due to technical difficulties. All the applicants who have preferred Hyderabad as a venue for their GD/PI will be considered at their Second Choice by default or any other venue as per their request for change.
The request can be sent to the Staff below mentioned
Dr. M Shafi
Coordinator MBA Admission
04952286075, 6074, 6076 (Office Numbers, Pls Call during working Hours)

I got call for GD-PI
wat should i hav 2 do 2 convert d call?
plz help me with my GD-PI
any tips or advice.............

i got call.............
could u help me with my GD PI

I got cat-87.92% tile
10 th-82-80%
12 th-66.67%
i hav already applied 4 NIT-C
tell me wat i should d 2 convert it ..........
i m frm maharashtra........
BE -electronics......