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anoter post on the FB group... someone converted IIML... So Finance guys, another +1 in your WL Numbers

krnishant Says
Any news about IM ppl making space in the FB group ? :)

Just One so far...
try1234 Says
Thanks...un-membered sounds good Yea...I guess I am also gona b here pretty long :(....ur updates are what's gona give me hope :)

Aye Aye captain! will update the latest news from the FB Group till you move there
I'll need your updates more than anybody else... As most of the (regular) Puys will convert in the next movement.. If i have to convert it'll be sometime before that happens...
And i have not seen anyone below my WL number active on this thread... So it'll be kinda lone wait!!!
Those updates would surely keep my hopes high and this thread too active...

Btw i might missed your name as mostly its Wl-ers who are active than Converts (irony:biggrin::biggrin:)

This thread is too special to be ignored ;)
And dont lose hope just yet, with IIM A results still pending!!

And the name is Neha
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It's good to hear that ppl are leaving the fb group (even if it is a small number)...Can't we request someone who has converted to post in the group requesting ppl who are opting out to update here as well?!
That way we can get a clearer picture !!

First Off, they did not leave the FB Group, they were un-membered from the group by the seniors after they started posting with questions about how to get the 35K re-imbursed and with clear statements that they would be opting for IIM B/C instead of SPJ.
Secondly, the thread is already running on the group, and even if they dont, i will let you guys know about any other IIM Updates

Lastly, @Cricaddict... I am another example of Newbie to Trainee, thanks to this thread... but i sure as heck cant match aditi's numbers anytime soon
cricaddict Says

3 in Finance and 1 in IM

And all the converts... please join the FB Group!!! ->
PGDM Batch of 2012-2014 -> Log In | Facebook

Hey Guys...!

Having gone thru the same tensed moments, here's what we did earlier...

In case of a Wire Transfer,

1. Courier the acceptance Letter, along with a screenshot of the successful transaction with your Applicant ID. Highlight the transaction ID (suggested)
2. AND/OR Send an email to with the transaction Details.

In case of a DD, mention your applicant ID on an accompanying sheet.

Send the form to

The Director,
S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research,
Munshi Nagar, Dadabhai Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400 058, India.

On the top of the envelope, mention ADMISSION ACCEPTANCE FOR PGDM 2012-2014

You will receive a confirmation mail from adcom once your documents are received :)

Hope this helps!

Congrats bro....

Any idea about the letter of in how is that supposed to be sent if depositing thru Wire transfer...I think I am missing out on something...

From the discussion on the FB group, the deadlines will be different for the SWL ppl... but still, dont believe everything you read!

aditiagr Says
Oh and all those waitlisters who are expecting a convert, please keep your money ready cz you won't have this much time to deposit the sum.
roby_chillz Says
When does he Pre-FOundation Course start?

May 15th...