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guys as per my ward no i approached ANDHRA bank but it is a newly opened branch here.... MANAGER is saying that he cannot process the loan becoz there is no employee in officer postion ... he asked me to approach after august..... nw most probably i will get loan frm credila but i want to knw is it a safer option ???or should i wait for andhra bank or should i ask my parents to pay the fees???? plz help me in this...........

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guys i went to BIM trichy.... BHEL campus is very huge.... asked abt fee structure ....they told that they r gng to revise the fee structure.... and for loans they will bring either SBI or indian bank on july 5th... we can join the hostel on july 5th.....


guys i got selected in BIM so im gng to cancel my seat....

p.s belong to TN general category

even i'm through for IBM... but joining BIM ATB to other puys

im wl-3 in BIM ... belong to TN general category ... but BIM will clear the WL oly after june 15th... can i cancel my nit trichy seat after june 15 th?? will they refund my certificates and money???

i want to knw do waitlisted candidates will get letters like last yr ?? and if so when can i expect??? and do wl candidates have to pay 5000??

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hi guys WL 3 in TN BC category....

tomm is MAY 1st dont know whether it will be a working day or nt .... i think so we will get letter from BIM with waitlisted no ....

guys waitlisted here too after fore.... and wat is the bim office no ??

X --95
XII --91
Undergrad 78(B.TECH IT)
Sectors, Company - 12 months(IT)
CAT (2009-10):
DI 94.xx
Quant 62.xx
Verbal 86.xx
Extra acads :
Any other special thing abt u:NA
GD & Interview
Venue: IFMR
Date : 23/04
GD :
Topic: surviving the times
Number of Ppl present 8
Brief Snapshot : overall average gd for me spoke oly twice ..... was the oly girl in the group tried to raise my voice

p,q,r-panel members
p:introduce yourself
me:ended with my strengths and weakness(told abt my stage fear as my weakness)
q:how did u overcome u r weakness??
me:did presentations ,seminars..and participated in singing competitions
r:wat abt u r work?? wat u were doing in u r job??
me:told abt my web development projects and abt my company ....
r:wat is html??
r:wat is php?
q:wat is diff b/w static and dynamic website
me: im nt in to that technology and i'm a php developer
s:wat u read in hindu paper??
me:told abt main page ,,,business page
s:wat is inflation
s:wat abt food inflation??
p:asked why u want to do mba??
me:told abt long term goals and abt my father s business
and some 3 -4 ques frm my fathers business turn over etc etc
s:again abt static and dynamic site ....abt BIM site is it a static or dynamic??if u want u r name to come in final list tell me the correct answer??:lookround:
me:told with some examples
seems satisfied :)

overall it took some 10-15 min and it was a good one compared to GD