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@taurean11 said:
Why is the link not working ?I remember that I had the morning slot.What time is it - 8.30 or 9 ??
Hi , I have my wat/pi tomorrow in blr as I remember its 8.30.
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@Madhav45 Hi puys lets concentrate on wat/pi prep or do we have another forum for preparation?
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@papp10 hey pls can any one answer my question?

Hi puys lets concentrate on wat/pi prep or do we have another forum for preparation?

Mithu sharma Says
aajayega bahi... mai 14th march ko apply kiya tha sbi wala or po ka 22 ko or dono ka msg mujhe mila 30th ko wo v mail main not any sms in dont wory bhai ..aap ek bar ibps ko mail karo with ur full registration no and transaction no ke main kiya tha or hope it will help...

Hi, whats that SBI wala , should we apply separately for sbi, if yes may I knw hw to apply pls?

All the Best Puys......

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hi puys,
Congrats to all those who got gd/pi call
All the best for gd/pi .
Do we have a thread for gd/pi 2012-14 ?

jaikishan.n Says
find the wrong number in the series

puys pls post the approach :banghead:

stage fear, fear bill

:cheerio: ya your right , thank you for your valuable words :thumbsup:
Hey Guys,

I am sorry to interrupt over this conversation..but my opinion is this is not even a point that shall be discussed..

Be your best in whatever you do, then only the best Bschools shall pick you.. Exceptions or no expections in the past..dont let anything influence you...whatever you have in your hand right now..Put everything into it..and do your best...Never think about, "if that shall be enough if I score less"... You want to be among the best in the country Just do your very happy and proud with your performance..then if u get more or less ..Just forget it..

1)Guys still in college:- You still hve the power in your hands, you can change the Numbers that would be printed on your Marksheets and that shall make your Identity..for a very long time..So why not give your best..

When u will be in an interview..You would have very few things that u can show off, a great percentage, a great rank, or a couple of gold medals.... Would do you a lot of differentiating you from the rest of the crowd...So u have time right now put in your best.. Also try to understand that all the IIMs and some other bschools are constantly sending out these thoughts that people good throughout their academic career are very successful in the rigous of IIMs ( PS: I am not here to contest on this, so please dont take this as a pinch of salt, and start discussing on it...Exceptions are always there..but at this time this is supposed to motivate you..)

2) Passout aspirants: If you have a good academic record, thats great, If you dont have..and u are on the stickier side of the fence dont worry at all..(yeh i know ..this shall bring u contant thoughts, had u stared a bit less over that girl sitting on the first bench, and had put some honest fixtures on the black board as well..:drinking:) ...But never mind.. Really Aint matter now..and nothing can be done about those printed Numbers.
But then u can do a lot of things..through which you can get the eye balls of the interviewers all aimed at you..

This is called the process of profile building..Do something that others have not..
You must have heard of this old saying..If you have a line, you can make it small, by drawing a larger line by its side...
So u can go ahead and do things that will make those marksheets shown by 10 other applicants with you look small.. be part of an NGO, a club, persue your hobby, do something that shall show to the interviewers that u are really interested in MBA and u have taken initiatives at par with opportunities available to you..

So guys....cut the crap..and start Studying.... The Mock Test 1 season will soon start...Brush up your fundamentals, (its ok if u dont brush your teeth) revise them , revisit them again and again, have tables, inverses, small reminders, small concepts printed at the backdoor of your bathrooms or your studyrooms..

Give Everything a Big Abusee...Bang your hand on the table with confidence and say that you are gonna make everyone see..Who the H*LL.. is the real person..called You...

All the best Guyss...:cheerio:
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