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15th feb
indan mnc's

ppl if u have same date kindly pm me

Hi Nidhi,

I also have my presentation on the same date of urs..perparin on reservation......
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They're calling us at 6:30 coz they would be alloting us the time for the presentation.

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Wishing you all a very happy new year !!!
May this year brings all calls expected !!!
All the best to all Puys !!!

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shashank_1441 Says
can anybody pls clear my doubt ..........Say there are 900/1000 seats in ICFAI Hyderabad .........and as the result is declared in the same day of dont u think its a disadvantage for someone who`s interview date is later .......there is possibility that all seats of hyd, gurgaon and mumbai can be filled in the first 10 days of interview (if they find candidates to be good) ........and then even if someone tries his best after these seats are filled ....he wont be able to make it to hyderabad/mum/gurgaon............ or is there any specific number of seat allotments on each day?

Hi shashank,

The seat allotment is pre-defined. For eg. if they allot say 10 seats for each day so by the end, same no. of seats would be filled. So, even if your interview is on last day, wont make a difference. What matters most there is how well you give your ppt and interview. There are marks for both and some other criteria which i'm unaware of. :neutral:

But i would suggest you to still go through this thread as more of your doubts will be cleared. Coz people who are getting scholarships, have also been alloted later dates.
So, dont worry, jus concentrate on your presentation.

All de best !!!
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Thanks alot Anuj,

Could you please elaborate on the kind of companies that come for summers as well as placements?
And the job profile they give??
(Might sound tooo early for this question but still) How are the hostels for girls??


Thanks alot for such useful information. It solves all problems we are going to face before you interview!!!

rohit.just4u Says
hi guyzz..... Just to let u know that I had cleared this exam the last time , wanted to share my experience. This paper is one of the most easy exams u'd ever come across, last year the questions were makhan and the only thing required to clear this exam is quick thinking and fast moving hands..... dont get relaxed wen u luk at the paer because these pepl do not judge ure knowledge a bit, they just check how fast u can work upon numbers which are easy and how fast u can make decisions, ,, I believe this is the best format of an entrance exam as the exams like CAT are not general and requre fair bit of mugging up(read Quant)..................All the very best puys

Thanks alot for the useful info.
Also wanted to one more thing. What kind of questions do they ask in GK? Is it somewhat like SNAP GK??


Actually the thing is that the interviews take place in Hyd.
And on the basis of ur interview and ppt, they allot you the centre.
we also have to give them our preferences out of all the centres of ICFAI

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In the form are there any SOPs we have to write??
If yes, could anyone plz mention what exactly do they ask?

One more thing i would like to ask....they give a call to around what rank? And what is their student intake?

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Thanks alot for the quick reply.

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