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Belated Happy B'day...

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Belated Happy Budday....

Hope you had a great day & have best ov life ahead....:angel:

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:bday: :drinking: :drinking: :bday:

Belated Happy Budday...!!

Wish you the best in life...

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Belated Budday wishes to the greatest dancer on SB....after

keep rockin' babes....have a great life ahead....Happy Budday!!

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Happy Budday dude...hope u had a rockin' day...!!....& have a rockin' life ahead!

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Belated Happy Budday...hope u had a blast...!!!

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Happy Diwali...
May this Diwali be a new begining of Peace, Prosperity & Happiness for you & your loved ones...
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I think it's time to revive this thread. What with yours truly featuring on the aforementioned chatbox everyday, we're bound to have a bit of madness.

This was by far my best SB experience...

ACT: The SNAP Test

Chuck_gopal: The witty entrepreneur-cum-MICA aspirant,
Bugs: My partner in crime, fellow marketer.
Fatty... Er... Nikhil.. Our multipurpose product

PS: SNAP: Super Nikker for All Purposes

Here we go... And as usual, start reading from the bottom...

It all started with a seemingly innocent question from the Bugger... And what it escalated into will haunt puys for the rest of their lives.

PPS: Sorry I had to remove the formatting :(




one ov the best i have read!! Chuk & Bugji :satisfie:
have already wished you but here i go Candy said,nothr reason to dance!

Happy Budday gal...have a blast of a day...& a wonderful life ahead!

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:bigups: :bigups: :bigups: :bigups: bow to the 'modest' one! :razz:

Happy B'day dude....!!

hope u have a rockin' day....

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