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Hey people!!!

m a fresher n scored 85.54%ile in CAT :banghead:

Converted IMT-N PGDM(HR) :o
Sent the amount to reserve a seat but not sure of joinging.

waiting for welingkar's results..n also hoping that K.J.Somaiya clears my waitlist..But neverthe less i have this option in hand..!!!

Hey frm whr r u???
any freshers who hav converted the call?
also give ur %iles pls...

im a thru IMT-N (FT)...88.01%ile:banghead:

M 2 a fresher...with a %ile of 94.62!!
Hopin 2 c ya at IMT-N!!!

Hey...m 2 frm Bhopal...n m 2 joinin PGDM-Finance!!!

M in PGDM- Finance!!
BHOPAL!! No where else!!

I made through IMT.....nw wt should b done???

Thanx a ton Sir!!

hey tanya....ur condition is d same as mine i 2 hv a call frm IMT-N at 94.62 %ile...dis is d only 1 wt do u plan 2 do???

What all are we going to have dere in d Cat %ile is 96.42 bt dis is d only call as i didnt applied anywhere plz help