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@sachin_nitrkl is the opening at ABSOLUTDATA closed?

I have one query guys , During the repayment of loan if a large amount is Paid like 1-2 lacs then is there any penalty ? By the way i am in going to take loan from credila.

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IPL is definitely more lucrative for Indian players than international matches. To support this argument let's take example of Munaf patel who is a C grade player according to BCCI . Any C grade player gets 25 lacs yearly + Match fees . For IPL he is worth more than 3 crore.

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stifler123 Says
The Mentalist is a detective story, a bit of thriller. A conman psychic helps solve crimes using his mental abilities with uncommon ways

I am watching Mentalist currently , the lead character is good but rest of the cast is OK . IMO best detective series is Criminal Minds.
mokshagundam Says
Already Sent ??? Awesome bro. Am waiting for the finances. Will have to do it within 1 week from now. So catch u in the campus. Name is Sridhar ;)

I have also transferred the amount . see u in campus guys , my name is Pallav

I have one query ,can I transfer the 3.13 lacs amount electronically ?

Hi Sameer

My Profile :: IT-(TCS) 2 yr wrk ex CAT score - 92.26 converts : TAPMI , calls: - IMT(waiting for reslts), IMI(GD/PI).

My queries are::-
1) do you think i should study 1 more year ,get a better CAT score and try to get into a TOP 10 B school or it does not make much difference in long term?

2) is doing MBA from abroad a financial burden?