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Hi Aseem,

Deposit confirmation is 5000USD - to be paid usually within one month after receiving admit.

Payment for First Installment is 37500USD - to be paid before term1 starts.i.e, before July 16th 2012.

Remaining to be paid in May 2013.


Hey all,

Congrats to all the admits!!

Guys, I have not received the admit letter yet and it might take some days. Can anyone brief me on what amount needs to be paid at the time of registration when we move to china. I would be availing an education loan.

Just curious. :)

Aseem Juneja

Yeah, chances of scholarship are bleak indeed mate, irrespective of the rounds applied in! About fb group, I'm not sure if there is one....

Thanks palantir for the info. Since I applied in R3, chances of a scholarship are bleak.

Anyway, is there any facebook group for CEIBS 2012 admits. Please share the link, if there is.

Aseem Juneja

aseemjuneja,ajus,urvash,anubha2011,priyankjshah ... congratulations and welcome to the club!! :)

@priyankjshah..Regarding scholarships, there are two kinds:

1. Scholarship offered by CEIBS and Shanghai Muncipal Scholarhsip
2. Scholarship offered by Private Organisations - CHIC,OMNICOM,BOSCH (For International Students)

Scholarship offered by CEIBS is a merit based scholarship and is announced along with the admit mail.
Shanghai Muncipal scholarship is due to be awarded. Heard that its announced sometime in june.
Scholarships offered by Private organizations are only for R1 and R2 candidates. Couple of them were already announced. (Bosch and Omnicom)
Hope you found the info useful.

Hello All,

Was curious to know whether the skype telephonic interview is taken over an audio-video call or just an audio call?


Hi aseemjuneja,

The Skype telephonic interview is an audio-video call.
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ranjita.rai Says
Got admit - will be joining. dont see may women around???:sneaky:

Congratulations.Welcome aboard.
Restricted Says
Hey all, how did the GMAT course come? Paper or electronic mail?

Hi Restricted, you will receive an e-mail which contains an activation code to access the course from GMAC online. Hope that helps.
Got my admit today :). (I was part of R2)

Congratulations IPAII! . Welcome to the admit club!

I have got an interview invite from CUHK.. Interview on 6 march....
Can you help me with the type of questions they ask..?

Are you accepting the offer..?

Hi koolwebby,

Congratulations on i/v invite!

In my interview the asked me the following:

1. Walk them through my job profile. What I do at work.
2. Situations where I displayed leadership skills
3. Why Hong Kong? How will I manage since I've very minimal Mandarin skills?
4. What according me makes one a good manager. Also, any situation I've come across managers who don't have the make of a leader.
5. What are you short-term and long-term goals

Overall, it was a good experience. Mostly conversational. I think they look for a candidate's fit into their program and whether CUHK can help him/her achieve professional success.

I'm not taking the offer as I've admit from other b-school. It was a hard decision to make since CUHK was always in my top-list of B-Schools.

GoodLuck with interview. Rock it!
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Is 84 an official figure? Therefore, does R2 or R3 see the most admits ??

And if u don't mind me asking, what is the "GMAT Business Ready" course ??... I thought once u click END at the Pearson hall ur done with GMAT for good.. How come it comes back to haunt the CEIBS folks ??

Yes, according to the figures, R2+R3 should make up for the remaining seats.

GMAT Business Ready course is nothing related to the GMAT test you took earlier. It is an online course which you ought to finish at your leisure before July1st 2012 after you receive an admit. It has basic courses in Quant, Statistics and Finance.
I got my CEIBS mail address yesterday and in that, as promised the activation code for the GMAT business ready course. Apparently, there is a test conducted by CEIBS based on this course.

Yeah. I got the mail too. Looks like 84 candidates got admit and payed deposit in R1.