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Have not blogged since very long time.. but here is the link to my blog.. :D


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Hello puys,
one query..
If we dont have any proof for the rank in the dept.. shud we mention or not? Pls reply soon.

During my preparation days I also used to find questions realted to metallurgical engg but cudnt find any ques bank. So I went ahead and revised some subjects like JOM,Heat Treatment,Steel making etc. I focussed esp on Heat treatment...
Do read up about common alloys, their properties etc. Also read about various processes used in steel making... n about various steel making plants and variety of steel produced by them....


Thank you...:-)
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Shradha_Shrimal Says
I think I have replied many times in this thread. You can change the venue if you have a justified reason.

Thank you. Sorry, i missed the posts in between. And about the mail?

@Seniors.. pls help!!!

I have not received any kind of mail.. n have posted this query a lot of times.. but dint get any answer..
Is there any possiblity to change the venue now? Exams are going on right now.. and then i have my sister's marriage.. Pls pls reply..

well if ur a fresher then yes u need to go through old engg. concepts
in detail but if you r having work-ex.... then prepare ur job related details well...

for how to prepare part - there is dictionary for mechanical engg. terms which i refer to nowadays...same may apply to ur branch


Any idea about technical questions related to metallurgical engg??
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Hi Shradha/Amit,

Pls help. Saw my name in the profile-based list. But my name is not there in the final list. And have not received any mail from Admission committee. Am i still on for the interview?

Shradha_Shrimal Says
Please send me your registration number. We'll check. Do that ASAP.

Hi Shradha,

My name was there in the profile-based list. But have not got any mail from SP-Jain side. Can you pls clarify it?
arion5 Says
Got a Finance call


Congrats.. I too got a call in finance. :-)Would you please share your profile?
is there any fresher in this thread who made it into the list?
please let me know if there is as I am getting pretty confused with the selection criterion they have adopted...

Yes. I am a fresher and have got call on the basis of my profile.