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some more articles on placements @ IIMC

To Wall Street via Kolkata[IMG][/IMG]
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KOLKATA: Guess where Wall Street is getting its latest whizkids from this year? Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. At the end of its 06 placements, 30 students from Joka are headed for Wall Street, of whom 15 will work full-time and 15 will be summer interns.

While IIM-C still retains the record for the highest-ever salary package of $2,25,000 in 01, it has maintained that its leadership also in Placements 06 by attracting the highest average domestic salary of Rs 9.8 lakh across campuses. Last year, the highest salary figure here was Rs 8.3 lakh.

IIM-C has also achieved the highest lateral salary $1,03,000. This is also the first time the figure has crossed $1,00,000 in laterals at any IIM, according to data compiled by IIM-Cs placement cell. IIM-C has also placed the largest batch of 249 students across the top three IIMs.

Significantly, some 77 foreign job offers were made across slots, of which 51 were accepted. This year, IIM-C also notched up the highest number of domestic (64) and international accepts ( across all IIMs in laterals.Slot 0 firms (those who recruited on March 6 and 7) included global giants like Merrill Lynch, UBS, ABN AMRO, Bloomberg and BCG and Credit Suisse (2) and Ameriprise (2).

Even Bloomberg, which powers international banking platforms, came in for the first time and hired six students for positions in New York.The presence of SUN Private Equity and Johnson Electric during placements this year reaffirmed the institutes status as a prefered destination for niche firms.

There was a 51% increase in the number of Slot 0 accepts, up from 42 to 64. Some 27 new firms participated in the placements this year, including eight in Slot 0. New recruiters included Merrill Lynch, ABN Amro HK, CSFB -India, Dell, Essar group, Hinduja group, Oracle, Pepsi, RPG, Reliance Industries, SAP, Techspan, Trilogy and UBS India.

The institute has also managed to achieve the distinction of placing students across every profile in investment banking: pricing, structuring, trading, sale, strategy and advisory.The highest domestic salary in Slot 0 was Rs 23 lakh with $1,52,000 as the highest international offer. In Slot 1 (March 8 & 9), the highest domestic salary touched Rs 16.75 lakh with $ 1,25,000 as the highest international offer, while the highest salary recorded in Slot 2 was Rs 12.5 lakh.

High end consulting also retained its grip on the campus with top tier firms like McKinsey (6), BCG, and AT Kearney, hiring some 17 students. This apart, traditional, old economy was also present in full force. Global steel giant Mittal Steel picked up three students, more than the other top IIMs combined. Johnson Electrics exclusive recruitment for four international positions at IIM-C also bears testimony to the institutes reputation in operations and supply chain management.


C above A & B in manager jobs
- Comparative index pegs Joka campus foremost in offers and salaries

[LEFT]Being good is not good enough, and nowhere more so than on the big B-school campuses at this time of the year. With six-figure salaries raining down on the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) addresses from A to B to C its all about being the best in the recruitment ring.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]And Calcutta, after staying mum while Ahmedabad and Bangalore slugged it out over salary highs, has decided to have the last laugh. In a carefully-crafted comparative index prepared on the Joka campus, IIM-C has been pegged above IIM-A and IIM-B in average domestic salary, highest domestic salary, highest international lateral offer, maximum foreign offers, and more (see box).[/LEFT]
[LEFT]But why wait till Bangalore and Ahmedabad have hogged the cash-and-career headlines? This is something we do not prescribe to. All this (trumpeting of salaries) leads to increased pressure on the students. We prefer giving the median salary figures, instead. It has to be remembered that we are providing a service only, said Ranjan Das, chairperson, placement committee, IIM Calcutta.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]This was echoed by the e-mails dashed off to director Prakash Apte by Gaurav Agarwal and Venkatesh Shankaraman, who had bagged the highest salary offer at IIM-Bangalore. They pleaded that their salary details must not be made public for the safety of their families. Agarwal has an offer for US $193,000 from Barclays Capital, London, and Shankaraman Rs 30 lakh from McKinsey, in Mumbai.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]We strongly feel such details are personal and should not be made public This has caused a lot of personal problems for us, they said, adding that the salary figures had been made public without their consent. This trend, warned the duo, could lead to a tussle of one-upmanship among various IIMs, affecting credibility in the long run.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]The final recruitment programme having got over on March 17, the entire batch of 249 students at Joka, the largest amongst the six IIMs, has been placed in three slots, with a total of 505 offers to choose from. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Of 114 companies that had confirmed their participation in the recruitment programme, the first 89 managed to snap up the entire class of 2006.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Recruitments continue to be on an upswing. They have been excellent, especially considering that Slot Three (after Slot Zero, One and Two) was not required at all. It is evident that the IIMs have become global sourcing centres, said placement committee chairperson Das.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Some of the recruitment highs at Joka were:[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Slot Zero (64 accepts out of 85 offers), saw the maximum number of recruits from Calcutta[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Lateral recruitment (for students with work experience) was 72 accepts out of 150-plus offers[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Lateral international offers were in excess of $100,000, a first for any campus[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Mittal Steel made more offers in Calcutta than in Ahmedabad and Bangalore combined.[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Lateral placements and summer internship programmes (SIP) have become leading indicators of how the final recruitments are going to be. The exceptional number of pre-placement offers (PPO) garnered by IIM Calcutta students during their SIP have played an intrinsic role in the success of our final recruitment programme, observed Das.[/LEFT]

IIMC Placements rocked bigtime this time around!!
One of the more heartening facts was that the placements were structured in such a way that students got the dream jobs they wanted... in the specialization of their choice... rather than having a mad rush to finish the placements asap and get your names and numbers in the papers....

as for me... im just jumping with joy!!!

Thanks a lot.
What about the Summers and STEP program?

Well 2006 Summer Placements rocked as usual for IIMC! We had a large number of foreign Investment Banks and Consulting firms in slot 0, all the top marketing and retail banking firms in slot 1... and so on.. The detailed placements report will be emailed to u guys...

You can check out the numbers for the final placements in IIMC for 2005

STEP - Student Exchange Program in IIMC happens for 3 months (5th term) The list of partnering colleges are

Hey forgot one more thing.. I think that IIMC is the only institute which has the concept of teaching theory in all the streams in first year and then allowing you to take the subjects u want in 2nd year. For those people who are confused on wat they wanna do post MBA, this is a good option cuz it allows to u check out ur flair and then make an informed choice after ur summer internship is over...

~hope that answers ur query
shrutz Says
Thanks a lot. When does the mentoring process start and how are mentors allocated to mentees?

The Mentorship process will start once u receive your scorecards... All shortlisted students will be assigned IIMC students based on their undergrad college or work ex.... Last year we arranged Alumni interactions wherein you guys can interact with very senior IIMC Alumni in the industry.
You guys will also have access to the IIMC Admissions thread and resources on the IIMC website

In short we shall try to ensure that your selection process is an enjoyable experience and that you will be able to make the decision after getting all the info from our side!!

Hey... I have already witnessed enough C vs B debates erupting amongst my seniors...Summers, placements, fun, city, faculty. I have pretty much heard it all!
(It's MAJOR fun to watch)
Of late, though, the IIMBers seem to be on the "No comments" path... :D

Here are my questions...
1) What is life at IIMC like?
2) What kind of jobs does IIMC offer?
3) And what can I do there? (As in main wahan kya gul khila sakti hoon?)

I got B, C, L, I, K calls. Have applied to PGDCM.
Profile and all that jazz...
10th I had 87.6,
12th 95.0,
Btech, in Applied Electronics, from CoE, Trivandrum, 84.2... My record stands... I have never topped, but my academic record looks great ;)... Good packaging types!

I dabble in a lot of things.. Got quite good extra curriculars, nothing spectacular like All India Meat Packers' Association EverRolling Trophy for the Best Speaker at Mee(a)t, but again, reasonably good :)

Here's the question... 4) What might be the question most likely to compeletely screw me up till I turn into a blathering mass of nervousness at the PI? :D
5) Also, can I get away with humorous (well, I would like to think so anyway!) answers to questions? Or will it be like horrified looks between the panel and a "OH! She cracked a joke. Off she goes!"
6) Yeah, and can I expect a general GD or a case study?

Thanks in advance
PS: Keep the bad news about question number 4 to yourselves, PLEASE! And, the post might not make sense at first glance.. I am practising for the XAT essay

Ok ....

Here is my 2 paise...

1. Life in IIMC is the best "daze" of ur life... It gives a lot of freedom to the students to participate in their own interests such as club work (we have very active clubs right from Intaglio, Marketing, Finance, Consulting to Dramatics, Adventure, JBS BarOC (the rock band), choreo, Internet Solutions Group and so on.... We have 75% attendance rule, however the free time allows the students ample opportunity to take part in acads as well as extra currics...

2. No comparisons with other B Schools here, but IIMC offers jobs in Finance ---> which is divided into I Banking, Private Equity (unique in IIMC), retail banking then COnsulting, Marketing, Systems and Operations.
The Alumni network which we have is undoubtedly one of the best in the country, if not in the world. We also have a very vibrant online networking community which allows the alumni to post for jobs and hence network with seniors... IIMC has also be ranked the BEST in the country in terms of recruiter's perception - this is because the entire placement process is considered to be the best in terms of fairness to the candidates and companies..

3. What can u do here?? Have a BLAST! As I mentioned before all the clubs are very active. Moreover the students handle most of the important duties in campus.. one of them being the IIMC Mentorship program which u will be a part of... The website, Intaglio, students affairs, placements, Alumni interactions, parties etc etc are all conducted by the students.. this gives u a lot of opportunities to develop as an individual and to enjoy ur time in IIMC.
We also have a well developed exchange program with b schools in Europe, US, SE Asia, Japan and other countries.. u can be a part of that as well...

4. GD/PI - they will ask u puzzles.. try to get to know the questions they ask and prepare somethin.. make sure u speak out ur thought process cuz thats all that they look for...
Its better to remain in the serious side... most of the panel members are VERY senior and u might not want to make them feel that you are nervous.. However there are no ground rules on this... feel free to take the interview the best way u deem fit...

6. Most of the IIMC GDs have crazy topics like "Black is Beautiful" n stuff like that... The mentors will try to collate a list of GD topics for u guys.. a good idea wud be to relate such arbit topics to recent events and discuss on that... so reading up current affairs is quite important...

Whew... i guess thats about it... ATB for ur interview process!!!

Hi all,

The Internet Solutions Group (ISG) of IIM Calcutta has hosted a special forum and website for all shortlisted candidates for IIM Calcutta. You not only can u discuss various issues with the other candidates but also u can get pointers and fundaes from the best students of IIM C who have "been there and done that".

This forum was launched last year in order to help the students crack the GD/PI sessions and we found it very very useful for our GD/PI preparations.

So please visit our website :

and login to know more about IIM C and also enter the message board for fundaes and discussions regarding the GD/PI session.

All the best and Spread the Word!!


Binu Ninan Kovoor
Team Admissions
Internet Solutions Group
IIM Calcutta

Hi all,

The Internet Solutions Group of IIM Calcutta has hosted a special forum and website for all shortlisted candidates for IIM Calcutta. You not only can u discuss various issues with the other candidates but also u can get pointers and fundaes from the best students of IIM C who have "been there and done that".

This forum was launched last year in order to help the students crack the GD/PI sessions and we found it very very useful for our GD/PI preparations.

So please visit our website :

and login to know more about IIM C and also enter the message board for fundaes and discussions regarding the GD/PI session.

All the best and Spread the Word!!


Binu Ninan Kovoor
Team Admissions
Internet Solutions Group
IIM Calcutta

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