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What kind of openings are there in India for guys from Engineering/IT background having passed L1/L2?

Is it prudent to buy old materials?
I heard that they change a lot of the notes.
Anyone having any experience?

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On TRIZ...
TRIZ is a Russian methodology for inventive problem solving. TRIZ was developed by Genrich Altshuller (1926-199 After analyzing over 2 million patents he realized that the number of principles for innovative problem solving is very small and that can be done by eliminating system contradictions and making efficient use of resources available in the system.
For example in case of database design if you want less redundancy you have to have highly normalized design. But in that case you will possibly use joins and performance will be degraded. In conventional solution we try to compromise and make a trade-off between these two parameters. But TRIZ philosophy suggests to eliminate contradictions and thus not to compromise on any front.
TRIZ is a systematic and algorithmic approach to such kind of problem solving. Any problem that you are facing can be traced to a number of standard problems. We have best practices to solve such standard problems. The next step is to map those general solutions to your customized needs.
Another cornerstone of TRIZ is to use resources efficiently and try to solve problems in the most natural way. For example you want to move one snake from one box to another. How you can do it? Using a stick? May be there is a better solution. Snakes like hot and dark environment and they dislike cold and illuminated areas.Make the source box cold and illuminated and the target box warm and darka natural move!!
Similarly there are many things where we can use resources more efficiently. For example it may happen that while writing a mail accidentally the Send button is pressed and an incomplete mail is sent. This may create an embarrassing situation. To avoid that we can use one option of outlook. Open a new message and set a date and time (much later date) in the Do not Deliver Before field. In that case even if the Send button is pressed accidentally the mail will not be sent and it will be there in the Outbox. When the mail is complete just remove that field and send it.
This option may be useful in other way also. Say you want to send a mail at some specific Date and Time. You may write the mail when you are free and just set the Date and Time. The mail will be automatically triggered.
Philosophy of TRIZTRIZ is a methodology of Systematic Innovation.
Following are the main ideas of this route:
Someone somewhere in the world has already faced similar kind of problems that you are facing now. The best minds of the world have already solved it in the best possible way .You have to customize those solutions to your own need.
All innovations emerge from the application of a very small number of inventive principles and strategies.
TRIZ researchers have identified the fact that the worlds strongest inventions have emerged from situations in which the inventor has successfully sought to avoid the conventional trade-offs that most designers take for granted. So eliminating contradictions is the most important philosophical aspect of TRIZ.
The most commonly applied tool is the Contradiction Matrix-a 39 X 39 matrix containing the three or four best strategies for solving design problems involving the most common contradiction types. Use available resources already available in the system to do things better.
Let's use this wonderful tool to our maximum...
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Is there any meeting point for Venture capitalists and idea generators?

I mean a site where we can submit our business plans for free and VC s can go for it with royalty given to the idea generators?

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to read the following book:-

"Inside RAW:- The Story of Indias Secret Service"

Publisher:- (Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 1981)

Author:- Asoka Raina

ISBN: 0706912993

This book is the only one ever written about INDIA's premier Intelligence Service--RAW.

The government banned the book a few months after it was released in 1981.

For all the Intelligence & Spy buffs out there, it is a must read book :-))

Please give some more details on this book...
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who will cry when u die

by robin sharma

Superb One!!
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Is there medical exam in any IT company at any entrance level?

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How to solve this kind of problem??


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Hi all,

It seems that JMET Online Application Site been Hacked!!
Could not display pages is frequent...and the uploads/login-ID s are changed...
I was trying to upload my scanned photographs today. It showed that all the photographs are uploaded. Now in the preview and confirmation page those scanned pictures were missing. Also the class 10 certificate was not of mine.

I then tried to start a new application. Gave one email id and login ID. when I checked the email the ID was different(it was an erratic ID).Hence is the doubt!!


NB: The author uses the words like "seems" to express doubts. This is not to spread rumors.

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Software-> 3yr Sal 3-4 lacs 1 year MBA(13-15 lacs) @ ISB or 2 yr MBA from Best Inidan B schools(6-10 lacs). Job offer->10 lacs

Software with Onsite for 1 year in this period is not much gain(financially speaking)...may be some 10 lac gain...

but my question is whether the career progression rate is much much more after an MBA??

please compare only with IT jobs(otherwise it has no meaning)...

10/20/30 year scenario...

another question...if it is in finance/marketting it is fine...but if it is in systems/HR/ the job quality improves significantly from a SE job??

comments(with data only) are invited....

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