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Anyone joining Nyenrode for 2013-14? I would be joining and wish to share the room. that would save approx 250 euros a month.
please mail me -


Anyone for NYENRODE MBA 2013-2014? We can connect with each other before hand. My email id is

@calipso does the 13th edition contain the integrated reasoning? i have the 12th edition.

I live in borivali. Planning to write GMAT in feb.. Any suggestions?

@karanthepagal said: Every pair of vertices of a regular decagon are interconnected by line segments. From the line segments formed, one is selected at random, what is the probability that the line segment is longer than any of the sides of the decagon?
7/9 hai kya?
@mbajamesbond said: How many terms of the sequence given below are integers?
Is it 4? number of divisors check kar rahe hai i guess..
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@mbajamesbond said:
since loss % and profit % is same,

1920 - cp = cp -1280 => 2cp = 3200
=> cp = 1600

For 25% profit,

25/100 = (sp - 1600)/1600 => sp = 2000
@mbajamesbond said: The percentage profit earned by selling an article at is equal to the percentage loss incurred by selling the same article at . At what price should the article be sold to make a profit of 25%?
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We can consider the fencing inside the field as hypotenuse of the right angle formed with the two corners of the field.

Since we need maximum area, the corresponding base and height of that triangle will be equal.

Hence, 2a^2 = 130 * 130
=> a = 65 root 2.

Therefore area of the triangle is 1/2 * 65 root 2 * 65 root 2 = 4225

@arjunstarz said:The numerical value of infinite series 1/(3^2 + 1) + 1/(4^2 + 2) + 1/(5^2 + 3) + ... is...
I get 13/36