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Hi all,
my friend has scored 154 and her state merit rank is 92 and mumbai univ merit rank is 82.. she wants to know what her chances are like for JBIMS... can anyone pls advise??

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shivamhdave Says
hi sumit bhai i want 2 no wat documents r u carryin tom

Hi.. gave my GD/PI yesterday at JB... they dont ask for any documents except your hall ticket and the DD... But jus because its a PI, u can carry your marksheets,any other certificates and your work ex certificates if you have any... About the PI.. it totally depends on your luck.. some get questions on the form filled... al...mine was a total stress interview, was asked nothing.. absolutely nothing from the form.... Whats your score?? Anyways all the best for your GD/PI 2morr...
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P1 : how many stock exchanges are there in india
:huh: hmmm sir i know 2 prominent ones BSE NSE
todl them i was into sports , now i love watchin all kind of sports
P2 : who was our sports minister who passed away recently
sunil dutt
P2 : wht is his real name
sir i wudnt know tht .....................(its actually balbir dutt)
P2 : ok son u ll ask u one very simple question .....from 1947 till how many prime ministers have india had?
totally stumped wasnt expecting this .........took a pause....and told them 13
P1 : 13
yes sir
P1 : r u sure
yes sir
P2 : started namin all the PM's and he counted 12 till date
P1 : so u were close
yes sir............

hi.. thought about posting the ans to these 3 questions..
first.. there are 23 stock exchanges in India..BSE NSE in mumbai.. apart from these there are stock exchanges in Ahmedabad,Bangalore,Bhubhaneshwar,Chennai,Calcutta,Delhi,Guwahati,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kochi,Ludhiana and Pune

second.. sunil dutt's real name is BALRAJ DUTT..he was asked to change his name by the producers and directors then because there was another actor Balraj Sahni.. who was pretty famous at that time..

third.. till date India has had 14 prime ministers
Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru, Gulzari lal nanda ,Lal Bahadur Shastri,,Indira Gandhi,Morarji Desai, Charan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi,V.P.Singh, Chandrashekhar, P.V. Narsimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, H.D. Devegowda, I.K. Gujral, Manmohan Singh
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Lastly, which branch and which batch from SPCE are you?....glad to see another SPCEite.....


Hi.. I am from Information Technology 2005 batch.. what about you??
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orca Says
When I joined as a fresher in Infy my gross was 17.8K (I had got in through the campus recruitment thats why it was higher than the pay given to guys who got in thru walk ins) and the take home was around 13K. That shud give u an idea of the take home sals. Unless ur gross crosses 21K there is no way u can get take home of more than 15K.

hi.. i am joining infy mysore on 13th june...could you tell me something about the bond (service agreement)? How much does one have to pay for breaking the bond?

I Hope my post helps people.....Just stay calm during the whole thing and be true yourself and leave rest to Luck and GOD...

Best of luck to all u people.......I am so happy I am done with mine on the very first day....

Hi kunal.. thanks for sharing your GD/PI experience.. was definitely very informative.. Jus one question though...What was the form that you filled up? I have my GD/PI on 2nd june at JBIMS... and hey.. i am from SPCE too...
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Moi came to know of PG through a friend.. used to browse the site using his id initially.. got completely hooked onto PG :grab: n decided to make my own id...

check out the amazing ads ka thread n u will find a lot of ppl opposing this!

Hey buddy... i agree with them.. the Liril ad on tv is damn cool...only, i am not talking about the one on tv.. i am talking about the one on RADIO.. that's the one that's yuck!!

I dunno if you have heard this one.. but the new Liril ad on Radio is disgusting!!!

Mohd. Rafi by all means.. and amongst the newer ones.. udit narayan...

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