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@ cat banda (kudos for starting this thread):satisfie:
@all seniors who've given cat 06 or b4

i gave cat last year( messed up, wont describe it here)..

i joined cl and time.my experience:
1) cl: score fluctuated a lot.didnt get an idea of where i stand, hence could not even make my mind stable.
good papers, esp eng, di ------analysis was nil by institute( same case wid al others)

2) time: it gives a thrill, challenge to face the mighty brains in india....
but very honestly it breaks u down badly, ur percentile may actually get worse than worst, its up to u how u take it, honestly for me, it shook me up and cud never recover

plz help me arrive at the decision as to wat test series to join(um giving cat07:))
.....its my humble request

time( not in any case)??:

all the institues have mocks startin on 8 july (xcpt ims)

-----------------------incase i askd the wrong ques at the right thread, my apologies, um a newbie, so exempted of scolding....

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hello puys,

I have graduated in Science in this year.Gave cat 2006.
Was a nightmare for me.

Had been excellent at extra curriculars throughout school and college.Decent acads.

But CAT made me realize many things.And to be very honest it was a huge huge set back to my self confidence.The feeling of being at the top in your college, being respected and loved and always been appreciated and then a mighty blow by the God of All Exams "cat".

And by blow i don't mean a percentile in 90's or 80's ...but a real big blow.
Call it over passion, call it over posessiveness, call it over prepration(so many hours a day finishing CL material), call it the fear of losing, whatever the reasons were......but the end result was that i landed up nowhere.
Not for the reason that i didnt perform well in any of the exams i gave, but the fact that my benchmarks were so high that i never thought of going to an average B-School.

So the crux is that i am giving CAT-2007.Learnt from my mistakes and have that fire burning in me to do it.

The biggest problem i am facing is my speed.
I beg the seniors to guide as to how i can improve this aspect so that i don't leave a loophole in my preparation.

Knew about pagalguy since aug-sept 2006 but did not use it that frequently.But now i am a passive yet a very keen user .

Hope to Get A lot of Guidance from Seniors....