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1)LOTR(all 3);
2)Notting Hill;


3)Hera Pheri;
i was urfin the net one day wen i hit the followin site for stuff linked to cat this guy had mentioned abuot the PG site maloyvilla.com
so thats how my juney began 4 this forum

interesting avatar...do u play War Craft 3 ?
Reviews again..

Ridley Scott didnt get it xctly rite this time.
U xpect a miracle $m d director of Gladiator to beat his own record.
Alas ,miracles are rare.
About d movie :
Starts well, looses the tempo before intermission,
picks up near d climax, but it too late by then.:huh: Orlando Bloom gives a noble ,restrained performence,
the actress is a beauty,whosoever she is.
rating: 7/10


Its been a long time since I watched a war epic. Last i guess was Troy. (it was by Ridley Scott rite??)

Neway I am gonna watch it! Since no gud movie is arnd.
Watched "Frequency" and "Beautiful Mind" today. Both Psycho-Thrillers and nice watch...

Also...Sin City...Bruce Willis starring...theme is with 3 characters each having there own story...Just meet once in a Bar and are not at all related...Quentin Tarantino in a Comical Guest Appearance

Watched Frequency yr ago and Beautiful Mind arnd 2 yrs back in my first yr.
Sin City Last Month.

1)Frequency is descent movie not exactly a Psycho Thriller Its more of a Sci-Fi. Son (Hero) a Police Officer solves *Cases* with his dead father from the Past. The movie goes on back and forth (past-present). I liked it tho. New Funda!!!

2) Sin City is ... what shd i say a clone of Pulp Fiction rememeber the Quentin Tarantino Movie ?? Wht? no .. then go watch it ..

Tarantino is guest director of Sin City. Its based on COmic Book of the Director Frank "something". Its typical Tarantino movie . All sub- stories at first seem unrelated but he later unfolds the connection and thats when u say WTF!!!. This is a Psycho Thriller Movie...

i liked the Actress (one with Bruce) shes hot and the Japansese Girl too shes one hellavu SAmurai :D

PS: Heart Patients Stay Out Of This!!!!!
Anybody watching "Coupling" being aired on BBC ( dunno if it is in india )...
Watched few episodes of it...6 Friends...3 males and 3 females...FRIENDS types...

But then looks like more "adulted" version of the same...

Waiting for reviews

NOw that u remind me I will watch it.Have episodes till Season 4 On my Comp.:smile:

Season1: 6 episodes.
Season2: 9 episodes
Season3: 7 episodes
Season4: 6 episodes (So far...)
Hey almost all became more famous as films (except bourne and anne frank)
Tell me now pritheee you saw them after watching the films right
BTW Hannibal sucked (as did the film)

I just finished a heavy one Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh (would recommend it to seasoned readers)
and Violets are blue -James Patterson (crap b grade shit but oh so racy and no- brainer)

Am contemplating picking up Dorian Grey - Wilde
or mocking bird-Lee
or maybe another point less pulp fiction by james patterson (at least he's quick and gory)

U see i am movie buff and a book worm too. Their fame (certainly grew owing to moviz) has no bearing on my opinion abt those books since wont opine unless I read them.

And I did surely liked them.I have no new books to recommend but theres this old one

"Life At CAstle Blandings" by the one and only PG WodeHOuse. Awesome Read.

PS:Watched Shawshank Redemption AGaaain yesterday with my frnds. GOD Movie.
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3)Linkin Park
4)Led Zepp
5)Black Sabbath

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Alchemist is my fav too.

1)Godfather (1920 Mafia Story):Mario Puzo
2)Shawshank Redemption (Prisoner's escape from gaol) :Stephen King
3)Diary Of Little Girl (not sure of title) (Autobiography of WW II victim):Anne Frank
4)Silence of the Lambs (Thriller) :Thomas Harris
5)Hannibal(Thriller) :Thomas Harris
6)Bourne Series( ACtion THrilller): Robert Ludlum

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2)WOnder Years
4)That 70's Show

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linux is good if you know how to ./r00t :-D

Windows is good too, you should know how to configure OS before you blame them. I guess its becuase Windows has made life tooo easy for ppl. also considering that it grew rapidly there could be some bugs here and tehre...

well maybe some of you should try a ZOS :-D . Sure 90% of business runs on ZOS, but try checking your email on ZOS and it could take some JCL and some SYSINs well... (not the builtin mailing/message queue systems, but say POP3 emails).

I have win 2000, pretty nice . win98. I used linux 3 years abck , when during college days had tons of free time to ./compile and ./r00t :-D , apart from ./ing never had good use of linux box.


Well I am in IIT Bombay and we have an awesome LAN here. Last year we had a deadly attack by Blaster Worm which shook the very foundations of our network.
Administrative body then went rampant blaming windows for this tragedy and asked us to use Linux.
Now I hav both WinxP Service Pack2,(NOrton Antivirus,Sygate Firewall) and Gentoo 2000.5 as Linux.I have tried RHL9,Fedora COre 1,2,3, Suse 9.1. But I wud recommend Gentoo over all of these to those who have descent net speed cauz installation has never been so easy as in Gentoo.

Abt Windows, I use it mosty for Word Processing though Gentoo is gud enuf but I am used to WOrd.ALso Gaming WarCRaft 3,Unreal Tourney 4 ,Age of Empires,Diablo2 etc.

I will attribute lack of care and maintenance the reason why most window-ers whine abt it.

Do u
1)frequently update ur firewall?
2)Check for Windows Updates?
3)Run Admin TOols viz. Disk Defragment etc.?

If proper care is taken Windows is GUD enuf as any other OS.

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