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ricky17 Says
At present don't have any contact dude, but if will be able to find 1 .. will help you out via providing it. ATB

Ya if you find one then please provide me with the number.....thank you.

Do you have number of any senior who is pursuing mba ib from noida campus?

ricky17 Says
Okk well its good if they've not posted any such data because its giving you chance to get in touch with seniors and get to know actual data... most of colleges publish great data but when u consult with seniors u come across just d opposite. Hence, I would suggest u to try to get in touch with seniors of IMT hyd who've gone through those internships to get clear picture and then I might help you out.

They haven't posted any data, they have only published the names of companies where students have secured interships.I have confirmed this figure through seniors only and not from one or two but many of them.
ricky17 Says
Dude IMT hyd .. I guess isn't dt good a brand if compare to Amity. But still u can confirm things after consulting same to IMT-hyd seniors and get the info about its placement n den decide. MBA-IB guess also get good packages, but u must give a thought on d relevance of going for IB as per ur career goals n likings. Hope this satisfies ur query.. ATB :)

IMT HYDERABAD IS 1 YEAR OLD but its faculty is very good with best faculty of IBS hyderabad moving to IMT.Besides this the paid internships for the 1st batch were very good ranging from 10k to 30k.

Problem is amity has not posted any credible data on its website otherwise it would have been very easy to make the choice.
ricky17 Says
Dude u r partially correct.. MBA gen is flagship program of ABS n MBA-IB is for fun-loving people its glamour part of Amity and placements rnt tht great even. If u'll talk about specializations then again only M&S; is upto the mark but in any other specialisation u'll have to suffer a bit. Media management is g8ng improved n snatching good offers but still MBA-gen n M&S; r best in terms of ROI. Even MBA in telecom isnt bad for engineers an talking about ur back exam then u can take a risk because they'll ask u to submit ur documents later n u can delay it by a month or so via saying they r at ur home if u r out of town candidate. I guess this will help U

Ricky are you sure on this?is IB that bad?
kshitij chopra Says
hmm bro bt cn u plz ans my question

Bro i only know this much,otherwise i would have answered.
i heard mba general nd ib are the best in amity...also dude cn u plz answer my this query
hey cn any1 tell me hwz in amity for mba in media management ? also my final sem reslut is awaited..nd my 1 back xam is left of 3rd yr..i heard session is starting from july 18th..what if my result doesn't come till 18th..i have given my back exam...but result wil come in d end week of july or 1st week of august..plz help me...wat shuld i do ?

I have heard the same that mba general and ib are most coveted courses at amity noida.
originalsinner7 Says
how good is IB from noida campus?

Also my other call is IMT Hyderabad.Which of the two is better?

how good is IB from noida campus?

Harshul3311 Says

Hi harshul.........have u preapred anything for interview?

Whats your profile?

Have u applied thru cat/mat or will be giving AMCAT?