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_"my cat score is 97.7. i am a fresher, 4th year engineering. my acads were ok but i dont know any more. 88.2 in 10th cbse, 87.4 in 12th cbse. 75 % in grad till 6th sem. in 10th my index is 12.71/20, in 12th my hsc index

Not here to defend IIMK though I am an alum - Batch of 2008 There's a well known top mgmt funda in one of the organizations I worked for earlier that if it's equally unfair to everyone, it ceases to be unfair The criteria needs to be transparent and consistent, as long as that's in place don't think anyone should waste their time in complaining. Selection procedures across the world (irresp of whether it's a B-skool, Vendor or a spouse for that matter) vary all the time. Sometimes you get the feeling that you have been given the wrong end of the stick (for e.g. when an IIM A/B/C chooses someone with a 9.x/10 CGPA over you when you have a much higher CAT score) but happens all the time. Hell I've seen IIM folks get dumped by their gf's for being too sensible and smart! To each his own Take it on the chin and move on, you have every chance to get something better in life. If an IIM X has an opportunity to choose from 1000 applicants today, do appreciate the possibility that some years down the line you might get to choose between 5 organizations who are top recruiters at the same IIM X - and you may choose to go work for a lesser known start up instead Gyan for the day - Scene from the Korean movie Oldboy "Why did you lock me up for 14 years you ********?" "That's what I do for a living, nothing personal about this" Enough said

Rozelle Laha @rozelle
At about 7.30 pm this Friday, Nihit Sinha and some of his friends, all first year students from ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad were enjoying themselves at a _dhaba_, some half a kilometre from their college. Litt

Sad incident, but lets put things in perspective. IBS is a B-school and not a full flegded hospital. Forget a B-school, even the biggest IT organization in this country CANNOT treat a life threatening accident or illness. The issue here is that there was no driver on campus who could drive one of the 3 ambulances - that is clear negligence and the administration needs to look into this. Over and above this, there is nothing than an academic institution could have done. As for the article, PG seems to be on its way to becoming a newspaper - something it can very much do without but then the guys running the show probably know better.....

The story sometimes doesn't stop at B-skool interviews and continues into summers and finals as well....and for some of us, this will continue all our lives ;)

I got the so called wrong end of the stick during my IIM interviews in 2006 - BLICK calls and I had converts from I and K, ended up going to K but never though I was missing out on something by not making a B or a C. Trend continued in summers - my GD/PI conversion ratio was a lowly 30-40% at best. Had an interesting time during finals, I always thought I was consulting material but I landed 4 sales offers!

Since its been one very interesting ride - took up an international IT sales role (yeah one of those 120K+ USD ones) but finally ended up rejecting it in favor of a domestic sales role for personal reasons. 6 good deals and 2 years of interacting with director level folks of multiple Sales partner orgs, I am in a situation where I can walk into *any* damn IT organization in a sales/BD role. It's a different story that I am now moving out of IT into a sales role in a different sector altogether

Over the past 3-4 months I've met a lot of folks, in some interactions I've walked out on offers from so called good brands since I did not see a fit between my DNA and the org culture.

My learnings from this -

1) Most of the time the reason for getting rejected may not be that we arent good enough, its just that we will NOT fit into their scheme of things. I have been rejected by a woman for being too sensible

2) Life will come a full circle if you are smart. Do remember that some day you will end up rejecting offers from the very organizations who are coveted recruiters at top B-skools.

3) Do not take rejection personally. I have been ripped apart by clients in meetings, have been shouted at for 30 mins for no fault of mine. The very same folks take me out for lunch the day they need something from me, these very folks have given me multi million dollar deals

4) Rejection is good, period. The tough time I went through in 2009 (lost one of my parents to a terminal disease, had to give up the $$ offer and get kicked around like a football by various teams in the organization for 2 months for playing it fair and straight and being transparent to my bosses) is probably the biggest reason why I have the conviction today to give up a safe and secure job and look to do something I'll prolly be more comfortable with.

As Warren Buffett says - "you need to be able to take a few knocks and bruises en route to that elusive multibagger"


If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?

If you want to shoot....shoot, dont talk!

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Been ages since I've posted, > 2-3 yrs perhaps....

Guess I can be bracketed into the old timers category, been almost 6 yrs since I've registered. PG was my lifeline during my CAT prep days, met some amazing folks and still in touch with some of them.

As for my second innings here, not sure if I intend to get anything out of PG apart from an amazing professional network - but this time I am sure I'll end up giving more gyan

Will be active on weekends since my weekdays are too jam packed, hope to see some oldies around and meet new facchas

Moi here to give u folks the alumni perspective

My profile - IIMK batch of 2008, had converts from K, I and NITIE. 3 yrs of IT work ex prior to MBA. Summers in a Marketing role and final placement in an IT biz dev role (by choice )

Before u folks shoot those K vs I vs L queries, read up placement reports of these instis thoroughly and see whats the general trend like. Take a call on what you think is most important to you in a B-skool (apart from placements i.e), do some info jugaad on that and then shoot.

PM me for any queries, for any factual info needed pls get in touch with any of the placecomm members. All you will get from me is my frank opinion

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  1. Saved Money on exorbitant MBA fees
  2. self learner
  3. No Over indulgence with PPT
  4. Far from six thinking HATS (only to know that it works only when u wear a HAT)
  5. Use more pen and Paper than MS word and Excel
  6. Use more mental faculty than Calculator
  7. Have exciting friends
  8. are creative
  9. More likely to start a business (Ought to prove urself that MBA is not the last thing on earth)
  10. More creative in handling tough situations (Like angry GF, women are anyway more creative:p in handling men)
  11. Dhirubhai ambani, Bill gates, Shahrukh Khan... so on ---Infinity
  12. life long OPTION to do an MBA ;)
  13. No luxury of making things difficult and then solve it.
  14. Many More ---- U can ADD

Nonsense points some of these IMO, especially the ones in bold. I find some of these points outrageously atrocious -

1) Self learner - some ppl are self learners and some arent. Doing an MBA has nothing to do with it. Yes u do have a lot of muggus in the top B-skools but these ppl would do the same anywhere.

2) Six thinking Hats - This just goes to show how deeply rooted the MBA stereotype is today. No sensible MBA would gas just to show off his knowledge of frameworks, those who do are cut down to size very soon ;)

3) Use more mental faculty than caculator

4) Have exciting friends - some of the most exciting ppl I have met till date are from my B-skool circle, not surprising since most of the guys are actually smart. This is a personal observation though

5) No luxury of making things different and then solving it - works only in those cases where this funda actually sells in the marketplace, else get ready to be GMDed

Creativity - This takes a hit for sure due to the MBA course. People are programmed to think in a structured manner which does take away the creativity element but then a structured approach does do the job most of the time.

I will stay away from the *why MBA* and *MBA in the Indian scenario* discussions, done to death topics they be. No fun in beating a dead horse

PS: Apurv is bang on, this MBA/non-MBA classification makes sense only on PG
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Congrats orKa
Going back to IT I see :thumbsup:
abhi wahan jaake saare sadiyal PMs ki champi kar dena
Where is shrik placed??


Danke !! Thankfully I've managed an account development/Global sales role (will progress to a client engagement manager role in 3-4 yrs), hope I don't have to deal a lot with PMs in the near future

ShriK is headed to Amex, not sure about the exact role, will get him to post here soon.
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Time to make an entry

Keep this thread limited to discussions abt IIMK placements fellas, we've done well and we're bloody well proud of that. We really don't wanna bother comparing average sals with other instis unless we are provoked to do the same ;)


You are free to carry out any data mining exercise and hypothesize on some trend that all top B-skools seem to follow, we'll pitch in with our arguments and views if its on a different thread. The thing with we B-skoolers is that our logic/english is very strong, proving/disproving something comprehensively is just gonna be impossible on an online forum ;)

PS: I ain't a member of any committee here and anyone who's been long enough on PG knows my stand on silly B-skool comparisons

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