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now i feel only people with waitlist no. 60-70 in first list stands decent chance., i hope i am wrong.

i wonder why imi have not updated waiting list on website? i just pray that imi dont go the opaque way, the way other greedy management institutes going!!..waitin for updated list

Last year, the lists were not declared in this way.... i.e. selected and wait listed. We only got the names of selected students in each list and no wait lists were mentioned.

Eg: If 40 students from 1st list back out, they brought on a list of next 40-45 students (keeping some reserves, I guess) only, not like now.... when we have 40 students selected and another say, 80 odd wait listed.

Thus, last year's 320 can't be compared with this year's.

that clears much of the doubt but i would like to know ur take on final waitlist number(out of arnd 990 students) converting this year???

is this the last list?
are there going to be any more lists?
i wonder after a good gd & pi why i am not even in the waitlist??

yes there are going to be atleast 2 lists more.

and regarding good gd/pi.....well we all think the same;)

Congrats to all :

About Last year, i was in the first list so never really bothered after that,

but i think a total of around 400 ppl were given final converts, it cud be more but not less for sure ..



thank you sir but by going thru last years thread i noted there were four waiting lists and waiting list arnd 320 was given admission offer and that creates a bit of confusion.. is there sumthng we missing??

please clear

dr. gaurav


seniors can u please shed light on the waitlist number of last person to convert last year?
it will be very helpful for all of us to introspect about our chances.
my waitlist no. is 113

dr. gaurav

yoursgaurang Says
can any1 tell me the address of dwarka centre and also d easiest way to get there 4m noida..

take a bus from noida to indraprastha metro station and there take metro straight to dwarka.

me in

First convert after 23 straight rejects since last 3 yrs

Thank you god!!!!....m rejuvenated again

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sir i want to be an entrepreneur, but during 2 interviews i was asked by panelist that
panelsit:- "would u like to take placements after mba from our college?"
I:- no sir, i would myself apply to *** as i want to learn there business model.
Panelist:- R U SURE?what if u change ur mind tomorw?
I:- sir i can't as my dreams is to set up *** and i can give u in writing rite now( i suddenly take my hands to my pocket for pen, suddenly another panelist says)
its ok its ok, thanks for coming

Now what should i have done?i am confused if i did the right thing as if i wont take the placement they wont be able to claim 100percnt placement ?

your take?

regards gaurav

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a query sir,

do we need to take orginal marksheets to interview? as its risky i prefer taking attested xerox along with me to interviews.

is it ok to take attested xerox of marksheets?