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Hey namang,
As akshat said it well, but if u still wanna know more about last year's trend then pls refer post 1182 of this thread only, Thanks to Neha, she has already described about it there.

Dhiraj K Dalal
Batch 2007-09
Goa Institute of Management

For namang26,
see next

Now its time to show all the happiness which is there in GIM. placement week is over, everybody is exhilerating with their dream Job in hand, throwing parties, thanking everyone involved in the process. In all the mood is awesome every where first time in GIM i have also seen the great DUNKING along with usual SPANKING sessions. :):):)

Its gr88t exeperiance to see people making their life in few hours. They are now on their feet to show that Gimians are coming to rule the corporate world.
Gud luck guys gud luck for your future.

Dhiraj K Dalal
Batch 2007-2009
Goa Institute of Management

Wow...its the only word I can say about the yesterday's mid summer ngt - a fantastic performance by all PGP1's and energetic support by the lovely PGP2's..... Simply gr8 ...
Hi Guys ... yestreday we had the Mid Summer Ngts - an event where PGP1's can show their talent n the event rocked ...
From Shyari to Dance performances ..... I thnk Gautam's shyari would be in peoples heart for a long time to go ..and his Chemistry poem truly rocks ....
Praty n Pooja, i thnk r giving Shamik Darvar a run for their money ..... the dances wre really meticulously crafted ...
Meenu was brilliant ...a gr8 performer ...
" Ganpat " was also bought to GIM .... :)
Darshus poems espoused love n melted hearts ....
Anuj was at his best wth his Guitar ...a special thnax to him cos he helped me to carry forward my Konkani katar ( Song )...
This was all was jst a snapshot of wht happened yest ...
Also the PGP2's responded by singing a song for us ...Anirudh's redention of Bula Ki janna was beautiful n iceing on the cake was Anant Sandus self composed Song...
The Ngt Rocked ....
I would also lik to show a email in wch a senior praised us
Hey ppl
it ws nice 2 noe u again thru mid summrs nite
u guys wer rockin......... v had a gr8 time
i won't go in2 comparison wid last yr but it ws spcl 2day
u r an amazin bunch of ppl........... nice 2 hav u all in GIM
may b 'm gettin lil nostalgic ...... remembein my senrs hr who r nw in2 thr jobs
newayz all i wanna say u guys rock
hav fun in 2 yrs 2 follow
v r always thr 2 help u
feel free 2 contact me in case u need ne help
add me 2 ur gtalk if u wish 2 : ********@gmail.com "

Thanks Mandar for describing almost all the activities we had last night which is truly unforgetable......................................Realy guys it was awesome performances..:wow:......
Hats off to all the performees who realy performed well and kept audience on their toes...:grab:
The best thing was everybody was so enthusiastic even after such a hectic schedule of classes and assignments..............Hope to see same enthusiasm even more tonight in the FRESHER party.
finally I would like to thanks to all the seniors for providing such a wonderful platform to perform and for those guest performances.


Dhiraj K Dalal
PGDBM 2007-09
Goa Institute of management

Hi to all,
I am back with insight of GIM...................Right now what we are learning here is "How to prioritize the things".We have been given so many task to do (academics as well as extra curricular)so that we only think of which one should be given preference and on what basis........(a million doller question......:)...difficult to get the answer. ).

You wake up in the morning and suddenly you relise that there are ample things waiting for you..(to reach in class/assignments/extra curricular/etc)....it gives you enough energy to get up from bed as soon as possible....

I think this is the first lesson from where Management study starts.............let see how we can prioritize the given task.......(atleast we will be able to sense it in our daily routine....)

I am realy enjoying the situation and hope my friends have same feeling as I am.....(What say dude...:) )

GIM rockssssssssssss na

Dhiraj Kumar Dalal
PGDBM 2007-09

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Lots of interesting things happening at GIM... We got a movie club out here...formed a year back... which showz only the movies everyweekend... On Friday the F2 is the INOX of GIM... n the quality thing...(the Brand GIM) is strictly followed here also... All the movies shown are actually bought from the film festivals all around the world and then shown... the collections come from the nominal membership fees paid by the members...

Again this is also a Student driven Initiative and managed by the students... The GIMians are free to recommend any movie and if the committe finds it good.. all efforts are made to have it...


GIM rOcKs!!!

Yups right dear I too enjoyed a lot in that movie........It was looking like movie hall.....and the brief on the theme of the movie before movie fills you with tones of interest...........you forget to take dinner till the time movie is going on(atleast in my case ).............this is realy awesome exeperience for all the novice in this area like me......................Thanks a lot to all the seniors for forming such a nice club.......hats off to all stakeholders.......

I am filled with the enthusiasm GIM is providing on every step and in every field.....you name the area of interest and GIM is there to take you fly............thats why GIM Rockks


Dhiraj Kumar Dalal
PGDBM batch 2007-09
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coming back to discussion,as I was talking about event which is there on 11-12 august named CASTALIA07,now there comes another event named as SAMRIDDHI.It ts going to be difficult on our part in which event we have to participate but surly we gonna participated in one of them if no other comes in to picture ................I think from here onwords your test of decision making as well as of Time Management starts...........Realy guys GIM is rocking like anything now.............Hope to get best out of this.


Dhiraj Kumar Dalal
Goa Institute of Management
PGDBM batch 2007-09

I am preparing for MBA this year.I want to knoew that whether it is compulsory to
take teh Laptops from the University. I am planning to buy one this month.So please help.

It depends on college/university in which you are going to pursue MBA as you have mentioned university I dont know for which you are talking about.Here in GIM there is no compulsion you can take your own but you must have original softwares no pirecy is allowed.


Dhiraj Kumar Dalal
Goa Institute of Management
PGDBM Batch of 2009.
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My first script after reaching GIM,my offence of not posting for so long can be condoned off considering I was engrossed in the BEAUTY of GIM as well as GOA.realy every morning when I wake up,the breeze blowing across mandovi fulls me with enthusiasm to do something new.
Now a days rain is welcoming everyone coming to GOA sometime by drizzling sometime by bullet drops depends upon your luck.........:)
As far as classes and other activities are concerned, it has passed its teenager stage in the preparatory classes and now we have been given so much for mustication right from day one.As mandar said it is realy having fun as well as challenge to form groups considering all constraints.but finally we have overcome on this issue at least my group................:)
very first day we got the opportunity to contribute to the event which is going to held on 11-12 august named castalia07as mandar mentioned.The presentation by our seniors was awesome, which inspired most of us to be part this event.
All the people in administration as well as seniors are realy helpfull,I never came across any case of procrastination on their part........thanks to all stakeholders.

let me stop here now but surely will come up soon with more info regarding insight of GIM.

GIM Rockkkks.

Dhiraj Kumar Dalal
Goa Institute of Management
PGDBM -:- 2007-2009

hi everyone...

A little late in joining the gang.... Apologies for that...

Myself Parag... From Aamachi Mumbai... Age: 25
Profile : Engineer.. 3 Years of Work Ex.. Infy+Iflex decent XAT score...

Had been @ GIM on 8th April. Most of the ppl were doing there summers... so cudnt meet anyone... had taken a few pics... please find them here
Picasa Web Albums - parag - Goa Institute...
Please leave comment if you identify any part of college... (I mean you will but for my amateurish photographic skills.. )

Have lotsa queries... better I will read the threads n google group messages first..

Hope to have a great time...

ciao all... real soon......
- parag

First I would like to thank u in TONNESSSSSSSSSSSS for giving us oppportunity to visit the campus where we gonna spend our two years of life......GIM Rocks man.
and wel come to u and Pankaj for joing GIM community.Hope we will Rock Hard each and every day in coming two years....:satisfie: :satisfie:

Thanks to all the seniors for giving Precious Info regarding GIM.