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can some one plzzzz tell wat has been d cutoff tis time

n3nimbus Says
I guess that's a typo. Maybe its 74.54 or 84.54...I doubt he converted with 54

54.54% converted Great Lakes Chennai?????????????
nikss Says
can u tell me the id from which u rcvd mail and any contact info if given

the mail i hv recvd states that.........We are pleased to make you a provisional offer of admission to our PGDM (Marketing) Nagpur programme for 2012-2013 Academic Session.....
i am bit confused as it states 2012-2013 and not 2012-2014.
plzzzzzz clarify

when is the Final Shorlist expected....

Is there any gdpi centre in kolkata...plzzzz reply

plzzzzz help.....
i have my GD/PI scheduled on 24th feb in there any way I acn change the date.....its too urgent...plzzz reply

Got a call for IMT Nagpur/Hyderabad....24th Feb...Kolkata@ 12.30pm

has anyone got GDPI call from IMT-Nagpur....plzz post d link

by when can we expect the short list for GD/PI of IMT- Nagpur......plzzzz replyyyy