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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_International students at XLRI, Jamshedpur_ _ _ Some of the finest b-schools in the world are in the United States and Europe, yet students from there choose to study in India. And its not only for the

Most Indians would love to live somewhere else; its unreasonable to expect for goras to stay back here

HultStudent2011 Says
The recruiters like Gopi who come from Dubai are former Hult students who will not give a damn about you once you finish your fee payment process

This post has not yet been deleted by moderators...it means its authentic.....
Well this year, many of those who stayed in Canada, ended up working part time while doing the job search. A couple went home and had a break before starting jobs in September. So it was varied.
Some took a holiday here for a few weeks... Graduation is in June so most full time jobs did not start until July and onward. Hope this is helpful.

Thanks Charmaine....u r thre best resource for students @ schulich..:D

Hi Mark/Charmaine,

Between completion of Program (April) & final placement, what do generally students do? Are there oppetunities of doning Internships/Interim jobs.

Answer to this will be a big help in getting a complete picture of the program & life after that.



Hi Nikh880,

It would be more like a conversation, don't get tense .... just be true to your thoughts about leadership, team buliding, future plans etc & once review the application essays you have submitted.

all the best.


I got my interview today in the evening, can anyone guide me what's expected in this.

Dear All,

Does anyone know what is the Actual program Start date?? I heard in Last batch it was 31st January..is it the same??

In my letters different dates are mentioned so I am confued...

Hi Shakti, add me to the lot-Arjun. I got my confirmation mail yesterday. Wat you guys say about a facebook group for the confirmed admits? we could probably add each other first to fb and then go ahead with the group?


Congrats Arjun.
I can see there is already a group named Shulich India 2012 batch, Imran & Mark are members of that, but not sure whether that is the official group for Our Batch. Could any one please confirm?

hi onky. could u brief me about the questions asked in the interview and also if u don't mind me asking what was ur gmat score?


Have PMed u the details u wanted..all the best..

Thanks Dude....what are your plans???

Got the Admit mail today...yay...:grin: