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hi! sonam
thanks alot for reply.well i wish to become a director, scripwriter and producer but my priority or u may say love is in bhopal i find it hard to find like-minded people this is why i chose 2 find people online. anyway where are you studying in noida? i'm a graduate in eng.lit. and currently i'm exclusively thinking about FTII.i want to prepare myself well coz there's cut throat competition, just 10-12 seats for thousands of major problem is i stay too far from pune and i don't have any contact whatsoever in pune to find out exactly what is asked in the entrance test. i do have a rough idea how the test is going to be but no exact information is available. and as usual the counselling cell is pathetic at FTII.hey! u live in noida there must be many people who may be aware of the entrance test.even if you don't know don't worry i'd love to talk to you about anything u fell like to. i'd love to know more about u and the course u are enrolled in.
take care.

Hey Rosemary

It is really rare to come across someone who is interested in Film-making in PG. I am glad I came across this thread...though I hope it is still alive.
I live in Pune and i was one step away from getting into FTII. I made it till the interview but I didnt get selected. I had applied for cinematography with my photography background. So, let me know if you still need any help. I have loads of friends in FTII and I regularly help them with short/ad films.

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I came to about this forum in 2004 when someone asked me to check-out CAT results in PG. I was not too enthusiastic then because I was wallowing in sorrow of the 2004 CAT disaster. 2006-I became a member and getting addicted.


Missed a call from KJ by half a percentile. Can someone tell me if there will be a second list? Pleeeeeeeezeeee help. I have very few options at hand.
Good luck to all the guys who got calls.



Missed a call from KJ by half a percentile. Are there any second round calls. I knew a person who got a call in the second round. Is that true? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeezeeeee reply. Running out of options very soon. Thanks.


thsi year really hs been a very fruitful year for all the top notch b schools and the students therefore have been benefited a lot ,
wishing all the best to all the other colleges for rocking placements tjis year
sydenham institute of management , mumbai
lifes rockin ever sinc k


Are there any placements abroad as well? How are the chances for that in the next few years? Are there any internships available for companies abroad? I couldnt find info on that anywhere. Lemme know on that. Thanks man.


cet is on Feb26. Good luck guys!

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