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Saw this on the FMS thread

So, if someone has any info (when did profootball withdrew from XL) that wud be of grt help ... it means one more up the ladder.

profootball has joined IIMK..
he withdrew from XL at the beginning of 2nd week of May..
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Hmmm.. At the present rate, something substantiate (for BM), we can expect only by Monday (14th) I guess.

PMIR movement is just mind blowing!

WL @ 63 my chances now look bleak. Keeping fingers crossed big time.

It would be nice if XL tells whether the WL movement in PMIR is mainly due to cancellations of students joining BM. Plz check this up if someone calls XL. I will try calling tomorrow.


Pradeep, keep the hope alive.. even if the WL updation till ur number happens very late, u may still b in a position to switch instis in favour of XLRI bcoz of the AICTE directive of cutting only 1000 bucks..

and, Happy Birthday to you.. this one day, forget ur anxieties and hv a blast :satisfie:
ATB to u :thumbsup:
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Wow!! PMIR is rocking at 25+ . Quite a high compared to previous years.. This cud mean 25 odd guys who had got a confirmed PMIR seat have gone to the IIMs.. Or it cud mean that most of these guys have also made it to BM and have taken BM..thereby chucking PMIR.

This might explain the slow BM WL movement and the strong PMIR surge completely contrary to previous years. Its important to note that this is also the first year where ppl cud opt for both PMIR and BM.. and the net effect cud make the WLs of both PMIR and BM swing upwards or downwards. From what i see , it seems to be resulting in a PMIR upswing.. :(

Any comments anyone?

u cdnt hv put it better..

so it cd be tht this year,
PMIR WL will clear more than past years' trends..
BM WL will clear less than last years' trends
but i still expect BM WL to move to >50 this time around.. :neutral:

i am sorry i ll not b able to b a part of this bulk deal.. plz do excuse me..

i had sm personal time crunch bcoz of which i am pulling out.. i hope tht puys here hv the best deal possible, believe both Tirthank's & Ankit's options are gud
ATB :thumbsup:

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Good news for ppl who hv withdrawn from DMs after paying fees!!

Just called DMS up, this is what they hv said:

1. They hv recieved the 'Order' from MoHRD->AICTE->IITD today, so they will be cutting only Rs 1000/- and refunding the rest!!

2. The draft of Rs 10,000 tht ppl had sent wd be returned as it is (i.e. ppl will hv to tk it back to the issuing bank and hv it cancelled)

3. Additionally ,they will issue a new draft/check for Rs 29,485/- (after deducting Rs 1,000/- from Rs 30,485/-)

they sd, they will start processing the refund claims frm tomorrow
Hail AICTE :)

cheers, OTR

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there seems to be a problem here. If you were WL 63 initially and now you are WL 34, then 29 people should have withdrawn their admission. But XL is saying 27 !!! I am missing some mathematical calculation ???

amit, savant
pradeep is WL 63 only yaar.. he called up pretending to be WL34 so tht he cd know if the WL has moved till 34 (i.e. atleast smwhere upwards frm the present 27) or not.. XL ppl will not b very forthright with disclosing WL status if the caller, at present, is not very near to clearing it..

ATB all, dont worry ppl, it WILL move ultimately.. :thumbsup:
Thanks for the info.
As for the rest of the gang, some Qs from my side:-
Q. When are you planning to reach J'pur (Date 11th/12th/13th)? (I might be there by 11th night)
Q. As told by the seniors, Bikes are allowed in the campus. Anyone planning to bring their bikes? (Planning to bring mine)
Q. Does XLRI demand a migration certificate (from your previous UG college)?
Q. Any remote-st idea of the XL laptop configuration?



Ans: 11th night!! :wow: early bird, mst say :).. i ll b there on 12th, i think.. shud mention tht the offer letter says tht student residences will open only frm 12th June, u may hv to stay at the MDP residence/hotel if u land up on 11th..
Ans: Yeah, mine frm Mumbai.. planning to send it by Movers/Train to Jam..
Ans: nahi according to the offer letter!! r u as relieved bout this as i am :satisfie:
Ans: nahi again, i too think its getting too late.. saw ur post on the Dell thread, u know, i may opt out of tht deal and go on my own with a couple of friends.. cant wait forever.. :neutral:


P.S. plz join the XLers 2009 Orkut community, u ll find most questions clarified there.. orkut - Login
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hey guys..

has anyone got his/her fee refund back after withdrawing.. its been 10 days since i sent my request, no answer at all :neutral:

anybody called up the office to find out wht they r thinking of doing on this front and when?? R they gonna return 39K or 33K?? When?? How??

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so finally wats up with the deal

on the run u try and make the database of person which includes name, phone number, and email address and if possible email me as early as possible


i really dont think it will b of much use making this list unless v post the final base models & corresponding negotiated discounted price here..
yaar, ppl will simply not commit right now, and the ones who do giv their names, may back out later after seeing the final thing.. its apparent tht ppl will hv been scouting for other options and unless they see the final option here in its entirity, commitment is very difficult..

the way to go is to finalise the base models and final negotiated price with Dell at the earliest (it is already getting too late for some people including me ) for 35-40 units and post them here ASAP.. then giv puys who r finally going for tht deal (without any modifications to the posted model & price) 2-3 days to PM one person with their contact details.. (minor upgrades will b later on @ actuals @ individual level)..

i am hoping desperately tht by today, v can post the best deal v can get with Dell here.. not much time..
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hey guys

i am not depositing fees at SJMSOM..
hope it helps anxious ppl as and when a waitlist comes out.. i hv been in the same situation smwhere else and i think i understand..

Shekhar, Ramesh, LAH..
thanks so much for your efforts @ Adcom and here on PG.. u ppl hv been fabolous- calm, patient and ever-helping for us.. all my rantings here and tht e-mail, well, do excuse me if it went overboard... will just say tht thanks to our govt and judiciary, our situations this year wr quite desperate at times.. am still hoping that at the end of all this, majority of the ppl may get their deserved places at B-Schools.. it will b really cruel to smone if (s)he loses out..

IITB is too gud, there are hardly any campuses in the country that match it.. and theres much for SJMSOM to look forward to.. gr8 as it is currently, its gonna b right near the top not long into the future.. Shekhar, Ramesh, still feel a lil bit of more coordinated decision making within IITSOMs will go a long way towards it.. mayb puys joining SJMSOM this year can help there.. ATB :thumbsup:

and i ll miss Mumbai...