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k4kish Says
i think only 4 khatris made thru

Dude, apart from the 4 khatris (and that is quite something from a total of 31), their friends are also through. Epic fail on part of the authorities...

I did not make it, but this is not a case of sour grapes. If you'll meet those Haryanvi blokes, you'll wonder yourself...
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ayushasthana Says
haha....all this is sooooo funny....EVERYTHING about this college is screwed....right from the 'khatris' some 'hasan'....and btw, the 'khatris' even got selected...that clearly goes to show that NO action was taken against not losing out on anything, i have already secured an admission in symbi...the point im trying to make is....STAND is evident that the proces is skewed..there is rampant corruption...yes, thats the is corruption..i dont expect the aspirants to get up in arms against them..but the current students can definitely do something about it...or else this will continue to happen and the brand gbo will suffer....srcc is a very respectable name..and gbo can REALLY grow under it, but not this way...adios...

Those Khatris were even discussing before the PI about their cheating exploits. All of them had their centre at Hindu. SRCC as a college won't suffer, but preference for GBO will nosedive after this fiasco.
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Didn't make it But no worries.
Khatri and co...all are through. I met them at the GD-PI and they were all Jat-Gujjar type characters (no offence to Jats and Gujjars- just trying to portray the persona of the Khatri parivar), uncouth and loud-spoken. Who in bejabbers would like to have such classmates?

My CAT percentile is 67. I guess I cleared the written only because of no sectional cutoffs. 2011 it will be for me :cheerio:

Good luck to all the genuine candidates who have made it! :thumbsup:

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devika25 Says
thanks a lot.please keep trying.i am also trying.thanku once again

Woah! Why are you talking with yourself? Hahahahahahaha!!
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nick4uonly Says
yaar we will take care of him but phele waiting list to aane do....and why they cannot put list on website....its sooooo frustrating

I met Sandeep yadav at the GD-PI. He is a genuine candidate- suave and smart spoken.
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megan Says
lowest obc convert is at 220 score by sandeep and who is this anie hasan in obc list . cant find her name in shortlisted candidates list .

Can you please post the entire list..and the waiting list also? Please...
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Guys...most of the dubious crowd is in. And believe wouldn't want such people as your classmates.

But then again..what can I say..just speculations, congrats to all who've made it.

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I have some queries for the seniors-

1) My total marks are 316. With 75 % weightage alloted to the written and if my GD-PI goes off quite ok (not excellent), what can you say about my chances? (This is the only exam that I got through, thats why asking)

2) Also, there..ahem..must be some toppers type people above me who have got calls from IIMs, XLRI or other top notch colleges. So, if these people get through but decide to leave afterwards, will there be a waiting list for other shortlisted candidates?

3) Please start a GD-PI thread related to this. Its really important for us to have your inputs, suggestions and a lowdown of your own GD-PI experience.


sidthechampion Says
ahh...u "EARNED" it....sounds great...hope its true...because going by this year's fiasco..doesnn luk lyk u gotta earn to get into SRCC...its either CHEAT, PAY or FIND LEAKED PAPERS..n as per lukin for excuses for my weakness..den le me only weakness is that i dunn stand for LIES...unlike ur college..and as per GOD BLESSING ME,,,he sure did..hope it blesses ur college too in future:D

Are bhai why are you ranting so much? Such incidents can happen, its not like its a perennial feature.
People will only say 'sour grapes' if you badmouth any college just because you didn't make it, never mind the fiasco thingy. Not necessarily pointing at you, but speaking as a general case, because earlier also on some thread, some blokes were ranting about this and that about SRCC when it was quite clear from some of their earlier posts that they were literally dying to get into it.
Chill dude

Felt like deleting this comment. Kill. Murder. Ponytail.