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Since you are extremely vella and tense, check this out if you haven't already seen it:

dack.com > web > web economy bullshit generator

keep clicking on 'make bullshit' and have a laugh.

PS: It'll be useful while writing your assignments for certain courses, sometimes fetches good grades as well. I did refer it in my 1st year, when I was really desperate for some management crap.


It's an amazing thread. A lot of people are following it.
Sorry to barge in like this, but people, recall the Katrina Kaif Aamsutra Slice ad, "Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai"!

I am in fr IIM-A
And I ve one query nw.
Can someone tell me the first day(Reporting day) at IIM-A, I am just typing my Resignation letter now.
Help pl..

It is likely to be 20th June or somewhere around that. And please pay attention to my signature below.
will it be possible for me to get a duplicate admission letter and other required documents by visiting IIMA campus? i have shifted from my old place and as everyone at the old place is at work during the day there is a good chance that i might miss the mail/courier.

i am contacting the admissions office to request for a change of address but i will be much at ease if i know that i can always go to the campus and get the required docs in case i miss the mail

Should not be a problem, but just to be sure why don't you contact the admissions office and confirm whether you can come to campus and personally collect!
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bhargavayogin Says
Seniors would we get any confirmation mail after we confirm our admission via sending a mail at the concerned ID.

No, you won't.
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I am In,..... woha,...

And when will the joining be?? because i have my internship till June 17th,.. please reply

Wait for the official communication, but from the preliminary information that we have, your registration would be on the 20th June and programme would commence on the 21st June.
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@seniors Can you answer the below ?

We have to indicate our decision to admission@iimahd.ernet.in.

Do we have any pre-defined format for this or is it enough to write as the following
Hi ,

I have got admission to PGP (2011-2013) and I am willing to enroll myself for the same. The below are my details,

Name : Naresh S
CAT Regn No : SR6781374


It will suffice. Just for reference, this is the mail that I had sent last year:

Dear Sir,

With reference to the declaration of results for admission to IIM
Ahmedabad's Post Graduate programme in Management on 26th April, I have been selected for admission to the PGP 2010-2012 and I accept the admission offer. My relevant details are given below:

Name: Atulya Ojha

Test Registration No. - SR5902785

Thank you,

Atulya Ojha
daiict_infy Says
Please through some light on WL movements of last yr.

Last year, the initial movement was till WL 18, but it may have reached early 20s by the time of joining. But the only confirmed figure that I can tell you is 18.
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There is probably another thread for IIM A final converts running .. named - 'IIM Ahmedabad Final Results' ... Mods please stop redundancy..

We (seniors) have requested for this thread to answer any urgent and relevant queries of the people who have converted their calls.
@ seniors
pls tell if we need to prepare anything in advance like something in finance or accountin, as many of us are from engg and dont have much idea abt em....

Also how to handle the high pressure in iima as being a fresher we're used to a chilled out life in colg!!!

Everything can be managed once you come here, all you need to do is come here with an open and fresh mind.
If you particularly want to get a head start, you may choose to read basic accounting and basics of MS Excel. It is not at all necessary, but if you are extremely enthusiastic about doing something, you may do the aforementioned.

I too was a fresher and I did find it a little hectic initially, but then you get used to it with time. Like I said, enjoy and celebrate to your heart's content now, but when you come here, be tough to handle the stress. You may not get to sleep 8 hours a day anymore, hell you may not even get 6, but that doesn't mean you already start losing sleep about that!