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I have been following this thread quite closely since I am a fan of NUS and am quite desperate to get in. A big congratulations to all those who have been admitted to the college..

I submitted my application on 25th Jan and have not received any response from them yet. But I do see ppl who submitted their application later than me and got a response from them :confused:

I have updated my profile in the spreadsheet and seems like m the youngest in terms of age and work ex :unhappy: . Plus my GMAT score (680) is also not all the gr8 esp going by the scores of those who have converted.

It would be gr8 if Kayie and others could share their i/v experience and also share some tips with all of us who are waiting to hear from the Uni...

First call of the really thrilled...My interview is on 21st in Delhi 11:00 AM...anyone in the same slot..

Congrats to all those who have made it to the 2nd stage...the wait was worth it
I have applied via my GMAT score and have got a call for MICAT
Now does anyone know about the GK part of MICAT? HOW TO PREPare??

Hi Richa,
I applied thru GMAT and got a call. My score was 680. It is written on the website that they would consider a GMAT score of above 600 in lieu of CAT.

Let me know if I can be of help...
thenameisbond Says
according to me.. Synonym for Yardstick according to the passage should be criterion

i agree...the answers had to be marked keeping the passage in mind..does anyone remember all the 5 ques on syn and ant that were asked...i had a major doubt in one of them but just cant remember it
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Hi All
I just took my GMAt and got a bad score but I am really desparate to get into a B School by Sept 2009. I am just posting my profile and need soem guidance on the Unis that I shud apply to where I have a realistic chance.

GMAT Score:680
Work Ex: 1.8 . workin with McKinsey & Company (Research)
10th: 81.8
12th: 82.8
College: BA (Hons) English, Venkateswara College (DU)
55% (It's not very easy to score in Eng Hons but I do undertsand that it is very less when compared to other applicant's scores)

I am looking to apply to NUS, Nanyang, CMU, Melbourne B School. But still would be great to get any advice on options that I can look at..

Thanks a lot!

i m a lil confused abt the gd pattern...rite after giving the topic ...they first ask evrybody's opinion ..nd then start with gd???is that true??nd wat do they xpect exactly??why i am asking dis even though i knw it has been answered before is coz at times u mite hav no idea as to what the topic is all about???also i heard there is something to be written at the end of the gd???what does that include???

does GIM EVR HAVE CASE STUDIES...or majorly abstract topics??

hey i had my gd/pi today so let me help u out.
the prof told us v clearly that everyone has to give an "opening statement" to the topic and for which they gave some 30secs to collect our thoughts and strucuture them..and as far as having no idea abt the topic is concerned dude its not possible becoz the topics given are fairly simple and are the kinds abt which anyone wud have atleast brief idea..let me tell u the topics that were given today in delhi
*sez-boon or bane
*corruption is the price we pay for democracy
*bollywood is a source for terrorism(a lil tricky)

so m sure u cant jus be completely blank on such general topics...

after the gd we were specifically asked to give "conclusions"...
and then the prof asked us to write in 8-10 lines abt our opinion on how the discussion went.basically how do u think it was and y.And she also mentioned it was to check our written comm. skills..

hope this helps

@ Aspire-i checked and its prof S.Anand..(sorry for the confusion)

and as far as i know there is no as such grilling on acads in delhi..yes they are asking u abt it and one is expected to be thorough wid ur acads..but dont worry no grillin or stress interviews heard of in far

bEsT of lUcK

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hey everybdy and blated happy holi
had my gd/pi today in delhi at 1:45...surprisingly dint meet any puys and infact many dint even kno abt pg so got a shock..anyways we were divided into groups of 8 and as everybody knows by now had gd on the same pattern.yhe topic was
"SEZ-boon or bane"
pretty simple the first 20 secs that were given to each one of us i defines sez and many diff points ame in...i wud say we dint lack content a lot of gud points were made but only abt sez being a boon(jobs,exports,infrastructure,overall devlopment ect....) but everybody got stuck on the land acquisition problem.noone was willing to discuss any other cons..i spoke abt the tax holiday which they enjoy so the loss in cosiderable amt of revenue...overall went pretty well but ya i feel we shud hav explored more points and aspects of it...
then had to wait for an hour after which i had my interview.
well firstly the profs cleared it that the 2 rounds in goa were bcoz of the presence of a member frm goa technical they had two rounds.
in my panel there were two was from finance bacground Mr. Sudarshan(tho im not v sure abt it..seniors plz clear it) and the other lady prof was Ms. D Souza..they were extremely good made me feel at ease...the interview went pretty normal...very genral no budget ques no eco ques nothing(probably coz m frm Eng hons)...they did ask me to speak on mother for abt 30 secs without stopping..
also told me correlate the theme of Othello to the corporate world..asked me abt the play i liked the most and y..where di see myself 10 yrs hence..wat do i expect frm GIM and wat m i willin to give in return...also asked abt other calls..went on till 15-20mins..honestly i enjoyed the discussion quite a bit and i hope the 2 wonderful profs did as well..

well thats abt it...really hopin to convert this one(tho i have an impeccable record of not convertin any call:wow: )
abd gud luck to all those who still have to go thru the advice wud be to make the most those 15-20mins that u get wid profs and focus at having a healthy constructive me ull enjoy every bit of it


Now that we kno written is given the highest weightage of 60 marks...i reeally wish we cud get to kno our performance in the entrance test...:wow:

Zephyr do they don't declare it at all oris it that later while giving out the final calls they give the break up.

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i posted it in the wrong thread...anyways my gd/pi for both the courses is on 22nd
MIB@9 and MHROD@12 i just wanted to confirm that the entire process won't last more than 3 hrs rite... and can evryone plz update their schedules on will be gud to meet fella puys..

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