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*PS:* The intention of the comic is not at all to mock womenkind or non-engineers. In fact the intention is not to mock anything at all. Frankly, there is no intention either, of anything. The comic came out of nothing a
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Generally I am content with reading and not posting any comments but I guess I do need to post one here . I am a girl and I made it to IIMB this year after trying for the 3rd year and I am from the general category.And trust me people if I were to give cat again and have a choice at taking grace marks I would outrightly refuse it. To all girls who find it demeaning I found the whole idea of giving grace marks to girls demeaning as if we are some mentally challenged beings who cannot make it on our own.Tell me one thing if you and your male counterpart graduate from the same college and have same opportunities why should you as a girl get grace marks and not him? What has the poor guy done wrong?Why do we feel happy at just any sort of reservation? What has someone from the general category done wrong in life? Okay lets not get into the age old debate on reservation but this certainly will not get us anywhere. If you want to correct gender ratios go and correct them at the lowest level.Get more poor girls into school who are forced to do home chores and their right to go to school is taken away in preference to their brothers.They need grace marks if they go to school because they have to learn and do house chores apart from studying. You cannot do just anything in name of increasing 'diversity' and tht is all this strip tries to convey. So girls please take this in the right spirit and try to get more perspective on grace marks. P.S. I am not commenting on non-engineers which is a different ball game

I have been using pagalguy for three seasons now and this was the time of the year when i used to stop browsing as i did not expect any call.But finally 3rd year I not only get to browse but also to post that too in such a great thread....
Long story short IIM Bangalore converted.. Was my best call...Had a good interview...And convert...Thanks to all the knowledge i got so easily off pagalguy....The feeling is still sinking in.....I cant wait to be in IIMB campus...

sagargagan Says
Not able to open online application form..does anyone facing the same problem....

Yeah I am also not able to open it.
Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
*More PG comics* _Concept, illustrations and graphics by *Deepak Gopalakrishnan* aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaikar who blogs here and tweets here._ *PS:* What is this Roswell? Read here.
Neha Singhwal @ns8_neha

Damn good!!!The thinking is just excellent.I could not gather till the last strip what this all about.Totally surprising end.:)Very true indeed.The connection set up is brilliant.Keep up the good work.

Sorry forr being among the last ones to fill the form.

Thanks to pp,doc and Rohit for letting me on the team.
It feels great to be part of a PG team.

Congratulations to all others.Hope we can live upto the confidence shown by others in us.CAT '10 will be our target and we will stop not till the goal is achieved.

I end now.Will try to contribute as much as i can.



P.S. Whereever i go i always find a few neha(s). the same thing happens here too :)).

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Well i am happy at seeing this thread and sad too as i saw it after 4 pages are already filled. I used to be a lot on pagalguy last year when i was at home waiting for joining at my job and a regular visitor to pg dream team and underdogs team. Though i was largely a spectator but this concept sounded great to me.and preparing alone getting an idea of how others are performing kept me going all through the year.?I used to be ovewrwhelmed at the kind of support provided by all the puys on the teams. Unfortunately i could not make it to a b-school this yr.(thts a long story anyways!)My last year's percentiles are:

cat '08 : 97.17
xat'09 :97.67

cat' 09 :98.61
xat'10 :97.xx

X:93 percent
XII:95.5 percent
work-ex:7 months in IT

I attended interviews at mdi,iift and sp jain but did not convert any.Now i have been busy with my job which i joined on 28 december.This year i am going to make a final attempt at cat and hope it is the best till now.I will give my best and i guess pagalguy would be helpful in the same.I will try to be more active from now on.

To cut the long story short i nominate myself for the team.My scores are below(not the grt though):

cl proc 1:82.76 percentile
cl proc2:94.88 percentile

aimcat 1118:91.47 percentile
aimcat1117:97.78 percentile

Do not have a mock cat repository to link.

Even if a do not make it to the team i will be on pg observing all teams and contributing whatever little i can.


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OrganizedChaos Says
When will the results be out ??

I had my gi on 4th in Delhi..I am for finance and made it to the second round...I asked a senior present there after the process and she said we can expect results in first week of may...
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to put to rest the queries of all those who are looking for a change in their gd/pi slot..
the admissions office has discharged the letters of confirmation to all those whose gd/pi slot has been changed.. they are not sending out any individual e-mails regarding the same!!

Thanks for the info. Is there any way we can find out who all have been rescheduled and when...or will we have to wait for letters?

Got a call..cat oa 98.61
va 89.xx
qa 95.xx
di 98.xx
first call after cat score came..something to b happy about finally.

@seniors:Are gd/pi held on saturday/sunday..can i get mine shifted in tht case...coz i am still in training phase in my company and getting a leave is a problem....plz help.....thanks in advance.

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I have tried in ie and mozilla both....no use...Though i dont have much hope but still can anyone check and let me know pls...cant sleep...

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