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Double post

Hi All,

I am posting this message for the aspirants of TAPMI who will be referring this thread, be it for the year of 2012 or the coming years.

Let me give a brief introduction of myself:

Xth : 90.20
XIIth: 84.60
BTech: 6.73(CGPA)
Work Experience: 34 Months (TCS)
CAT 2011: OA 98.xx (QA: 97.xx & VA: 97.xx)
XAT 2012: OA 95.xx (QA: 93.xx; VA: 90.xx; DM:82.xx)
Converts: IIM-Ro,U,XIMB,IMT-G,TAPMI etc...

I need to convey a few things to fellow Puys:

My TAPMI admission process was very good with an decent GD and an awesome PI (knew I got spot admission from the interviewer's response). As expected I was given an offer letter within 5 days with a term coined by TAPMI as "exceptional candidate". I accepted the offer with glee as that was my first convert. A couple of days back I got IMT-G too which I seriously considered, but did not go for as I felt there is not much of a difference btw the two colleges.

Later I cancelled my admission @ TAPMI as I got XIMB and eventually IIMs. The issue w.r.t TAPMI that I have to convey is regarding my friend, who also applied TAPMI and got GDPI call with a %ile of 68.xx. I know many of guys would have got calls from TAPMI with similar scores or even lower. There is one thing that you all need to know and keep in mind from here on.

The weightage for CAT/XAT score w.r.t admissions is not something like 30% or some weird formula which people from TAPMI are spreading. The students in admissions commitee are giving a wrong notion or rather a hope that all of you guys are having a chance, a mathematical chance as they say with one condition, that you need to perform well in GDPI. My friend had even called one of them (Viraj) and asked about the weightage and his suggestions. It is actually 60% for CAT/XAT and rest 40% based on GDPI and profile (wrk-ex,acads,etc). But with such a weightage which is similar to most of the colleges, I would say it is a tactic deployed by TAPMI to attract more applications and thereby earn a lot. I need not tell you how much a TAPMI application costs, how much they are gonna cough up every year.

I am talking based on sheer facts. I have a friend studying there (name cannot be disclosed) and she said there are hardly any people or almost nil with scores below 70 in the current batch. Also I am sure of the wieghtage for admission process too, because of two reasons: a) else my friend who did exceptionally well in GDPI would have got an admit (similar profile as that of mile, barring CAT/XAT score). and more importantly b) because I came to know about the weightage from an insider (a TAPMI faculty) when asked about the same. I called him (my family friend) up to enquire why friend is not figuring even in the waitlist. So, only then he opened up and confessed about the weightage.

Pls guys dont expect anything from TAPMI and if you get admission, with a low score, you should be really lucky!
All The Best to all of you,

@ getnikhil23:
Your argument is that TAPMI is giving GDPI calls to all the applicants to attract more applications and earn from the application form costs.
Do you know that TAPMI is only one of the few Top Indian B-School that allows candidates to submit the forms even after declaration of CAT and XAT results.
Please let us know if there are any others top colleges which do so?
So its upto the candidates to analyse whether they stand a chance with 68 percentile or lower percentiles.
And TAPMI is spending money and the admissions office and faculty is putting lot of effort to conduct GD PI in a very professional manner (This you would also agree).
I do not think TAPMI wants to make money by selling application forms but giving hope to talented students who might have had an off day during CAT or XAT.

There are colleges which make money out of application forms.
Symbiosis for eg. Candidate has to pay for the SNAP test and pay 1000 separately to each college (SIBM, SCMHRD, SIIB, SIOM etc..) so he has to shell out 5-6k before knowing his score. And SNAP 2011 was one of the worst exams conducted this season(I can say this because i have experience it).
NMIMS a candidate can give NMAT thrice a year with no negative marking and each time he needs to shell out 1500 bucks.