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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
We usually react in either of the two ways to a physically or mentally challenged person sympathize or ignore. Prem Kumar Ravi, presently a second year student at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM C) reac

Need less to say its great work by Prem Ravi and their friends. I remember some weeks ago, there was an article on Sumant by Indian Express. After reading sumant is from banglore, I was wondering if he is from Spruti because i knew about Spruti. These people are special because they have courage to dream BIG. Al the Best to them !!!

ashwinide Says
There is no table mentioned in statement then how come its there in conclusion? Please check it and keep coming with more questions.

I feel question is complete. Even though table is not mentioned but table could either be bottle or it could not be bottle. There is no third stage where table could be.
1. Some tables are bottles.
3. No table is bottle.
Diptam Says
Yes the answer is option (E). My idea is to find a way where every possible question can be solved. Can you provide your working methodology.

I go by venn diagram. Make venn diagram and check the conclusions. For me it is simpler and quicker way of solving.
Hi Puys,

Here is one question from SBI PO 2010:-

Statements :
All cups are bottles
Some bottles are jugs
No jug is plate

Conclusions :

1. Some tables are bottles.
2. Some plates are cups.
3. No table is bottle.
4. Some jugs are cups.

Options :
(A) Only 1 follows.
(B) Only 2 follows.
(C) Only 3 follows.
(D) Only 4 follows.
(E) Only either 1 or 3 follows.

Please post a detail explanation.

Is the ans 'Option E' because
1) Stm 2 and 4 does not follow
2) combining st. 1 and 3 includes all the possibility of table.

Guys do post what u ppl say
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p_pbp1 Says
I am givng cfa level 1 this june... want to inquire abt the secret sausce buk... Wat is the cost of this buk? is it avlbl at Laxmi xerox? and is it that we hv to pay separately for this buk... i mean it is not included in the 5 book study matrl right?

It is not included in 5 book & costs Rs 200. Its available at laxmi book depot.
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Why are ppl so worried with GD PI centers??....and by reading the posts, one might feel it is dangerous to have JBIMS or KJ as GD PI centers

I have KJ as it that bad??


Last year I had my GD/PI center at JB. my marks were (16+14). Also others who had centre in JB and talked decently scored decent marks. So if candidate speaks little sense in GD/PI then JB is a good centre.

Last year I heard some ppl in kj got little less marks. Can't generalise but being a student of KJ, i find almost all the profs here to be good. I think even KJ shud not be bad choice for deserving candidate. I know 1 person who had his center in KJ last year got 17/17 in either GD or PI. So chill and give complete focus on preparation

ATB for GD/PI !!!
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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
?? * * _Years ago as an NMIMS Mumbai student, a corporate house told *Ashish Goyal * (during placements) to find himself a job in the government sector, since it has a quota system for the physically challenged. Ha

Very inspiring article. I remember reading his earlier article also in pg. Hope many able persons will also get motivated by you

Guest @guest_writer
_Concept, illustrations and graphics by *Deepak Gopalakrishnan* aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here._

Hey this is perhaps the best cartoon series i read in PG. Well done dudes !!!!!!

Hi guys

Just to remind that 2day is the last day for RBI online form filling.
So ppl, who want to fill it act fast.
Link is Reserve Bank of India

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Hi friends

Got in KJ Somaiya. Took admission there. It was a sweet memory with NL Dalmia. Will miss it. All the best to dalmiaites.

Pankaj Tiwari