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shekys Says
Registration begins after mid-May.They will conduct a FREE Aimcat in mid May and you have to register after that.The fees depends on your score in this Aimcat.If you have taken CAT 2008 and scored above 95 percentile,you will get further discounts on the actual fees.

does classroom courses start during this period?
imaaspiranttoo Says
yes they have . but im still thinking where to start and how to start

you can start from the study materials or try arun sharma...
imaaspiranttoo Says
hi this s sairam . i ve joined "time" but didnt start preparing yet . wat book u suggest for quant ? " wat abt"sarvesh kumar quant " book ?.. how to approach quant ?

doesn't TIME give study materials?
Your project in various companies will come more under extra curricular activities rather than work experience if it is of 2-3 month duration. B-schools generally count the work ex of more than 9 months or 1 year.
Good luck.

does that hold any value during the selection process?
willrock Says
please can u clarify on this ,that if a person is running its small business than cant he show it as work experience if not than how can i explain it to the bschools.

i have done a few projects for two companies and they have given work exp certificates. can i show that as work exp?!?
shivshekhar Says
In kolkata you can opt for ims. Specially the saltlake branch. The course material is of some quality specially the english part. The best thing about ims is its test series... It is very close to actual cat. I have seen all the coaching's tests but ims has most realistic paper. Time's paper is much more difficult than the actual paper and cl's papers are nowhere near actual questions' difficulty level. Hope that helps.

the saltlake branch is too far from me. what about TIME park st branch? any ideas?

The BBC has an open survey where it poses this question:

What changes would you like to see in the international financial system? Should the focus be on job creation? How have you been affected by the current economic situation?

what do you puys think?!?

so when are we going to start our group study on this thread?!?

aryan_manish007 Says
i am a student of erudite for cat 08.i request all of you not to join the institute.this is totally fake institute with bad faculty,only waste of money and time .think twice becoz u r going to pay rs.5 per minute for nothing in there classroom

in which erudite centre did you study and any idea about TIME?


i have a dilemma of my own. i am in my 3rd year (6th sem) of my engg and wish to take CAT this year. but the only cause of worry is my acads. it goes something like this:

BTech (uptil now): 6.88 CGPA

do i have any chances whatsoever in IIM or XLRI if i clear the written exams?