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Hi seniors,

Can any one please tell me about the student exchange programme? What is the procedure to apply for it?

We have student exchange program with AIM, Manila and Sheffield University. Each college has its own set of criterion for choosing candidates (Partly grades and partly workex).
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Can anyone tell me how is TAPMI's campus and especially the hostel in terms of facilities..

In terms of campus facilities, it is one of the best in country for a b-school. If you want to feel it like I did last year, Visit it.

P.S. My visit literally swept me off my feet.
Shishir123 Says
I have withdrawn my application from TAPMI and sent a letter to the director to by post.I am still yet to recieve confirmation of the letter from TAPMI even tough i asked them specifially to inform me of the same..I cant get through on phone...What do I do?

It is very hectic this time of the year for admissions office. They will get back to you when it is possible but rest assured that they wont overlook any requests.
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Could you share us the package details of the summer placements

Thanks in advance:)

The placement reports are already published in the website..
TAPMI :: Placement Report 2012
Seniors can someone detail the effects of AACSB on placements ????

Placements abroad, will companies of international repute offers good profiles??

n overall effect of it ??

How much value has it added...compared to an MBA from IIM ??

Well, this is something new for India. Internationally it is well recognised and not every Tom, **** and Harry is given this accreditation. MNC's would surely look at it as a factor for recruitment. Even ISB got it 4 months back.

All I can say is you will find out its impact in another 6-8 months.
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For those guys who have got through, Congrats!!
For those who are yet to get through, here's something to keep you going - Waitlist moves really fast at a later stage. If history repeats itself, the waitlist will move till atleast starting week of May.


RogerUnderwrite Says
Still not very sure what this AACSB is? TAPMI gettting this status, does this imply that since all the IIMs and FMS are not accredited with AACSB, they are not that good? How does this make TAPMI different from IIMs and other top B Schools?

Well for starters, it tells that starting from prof's to facilities, everything is as per international standards. It also says that you can get quite a learning if you make full use of resources given to you. Thats just a simple way of interpreting it. IIMs and FMS are ofcourse brilliant and well recognised when we talk about it but when we say TAPMI is one of the best places to study, how many people will accept in the first nod? This changes that perception.

Hope this answers


Since the current batch is busy with summer internship, expect a delay in response to your queries.


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mcooljsr Says
On a side note, can someone please confirm about the food served during breakfast, lunch, tiifin and dinner. Is it included in the 2.5k we are paying per month or is it charged separately??

It is including food. There is no such thing as tiffin in the evening.
Hi..did my engg from Anna univ,chennai In Electrical Engg (EEE). 2010 pass out. Working in L&T; chennai (manufacturing sector) as a Customer service representative.
My answers

Do you have a liking for number crunching? Yes
Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone? In teams
Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want? No
Do you have a creative mind? A decent creativity
Do you like travelling? Love it
Do you find it easy to talk to strangers?Yep :D

Please suggest where i would fit in best..Thanks

I would say that you are a candidate for Finance or Operations.