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i never ever heard of this kind of curriculum as i m enrolled from 2003..but they never mentioned alpha+ beta+ gamma+delta+ Portfolio Mgt & MFs of CFA degree or what so ever n after completion its Ms(finance)...when u complete the 1st level u get a DBF certificate...before that as u complete ur foundation i.e. alpha u get a fou...certificate..after completion of 2nd level u get ADBF..n after completion of final level u get the degree of CFA ...which is called as Ms(finance)...thrs. some prize n all those like gold medal if u complete 2nd level with break..etc..etc..but i never heard of it what Tumtum said..sorry to say that

If u want to get through Alpha, Beta Gamma...go for last few months test papers n u will get was the trend for past far i remember. the material is very easy but question paper comes very comparing to work book n the model paper.