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Today a person called my frnd and said that he is form xyz consultancy and after Itm nm interview if he doesnt get selected then to call him he needs to pay extra 50K to get admission. Now my frnd is afraid that whether ITM NM has this type of arrangement which might mean he not being selected intentionally so that he has to approach that person.

Seniors please help.

don't even think of considering such ways...!!!!
Yes I just passed out of ITM. Faculty is ok
ok. Learning and study, it all depends on u.
Placement is not bad. Out of 100 students
in marketing nearly 70 got placed till now.
Companies still visitin campus. Finance
placements scenario not good. Out of 130,
70 still left to be placed. Finance
companies visit less frequently. This year
the curriculum has been revised and now
u guys will be having 6 months internship,
as per my knowledge and I believe its a
positive sign as they have brought this
change keeping industry's expectation in
mind. Sorry I could not giv u comparison
with sies as i know nothing about that
college. Do get back if u have any other
query. I will be happy to reply.

I have got PGDMRMM ITM Kharghar...!!!
went their and talked to seniors, teachers..!!!!! seems good..>!!!!
and yes the best thing will be the revised course...much more industry interaction..!!!! very positive from placements perspective also...!!!!!
i would say... ITM > SIESCOMS....!!!!!!!!
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ankit090 Says
i dont have any other choice as of now...waiting for IP interview...or i can apply at apeejay dwarka...AIM K offers mba degree whereas jims offers pgdm...will that make any difference??

jims rohini (PGDM) is better option...!!!!
*if u don't want to do higher studies like Phd/Doctrt...pgdm or mba makes no difference..!!!! some govt. sector work may ask for mba (post graduate DEGREE) instead of pgdm,but very rare....!!! PGDM is equivalent to MBA-according to AICTE..
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itmaster Says
what is the refund policy of itm?will the 25000 draft be refunded in case one takes back admission??and also the fees for ist year ,if one cancels admission what amt will be refunded according to aicte norms??Itm counsellors Plz reply .........

for 25000 dd..!! call for cancellation- within 1 month:after selected
for the 1st yr fee..!! should withdraw before the classes starts..!!!
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Selected for ITM GLC PGDMRMM iconnect program ....!!!!!
All those who are selected...share ur name and place in this post..!!
Nitin Kumar,Ludhiana

Anyone else finalizing - ITM GLC PGDMRMM iconnect program..!!!!
shattered15 Says
is jims rohini better than jims kalkaji???

yes..!!!!!personal opinion...!!!!(i suppose its majority opinion)
Aman Seth Says
can anyone tell why jims shuld be prefered ahead of ndim.

Choosing better is better...!!!!! thats it..!!!!
sandybiochem Says

this is each and every college 's story....!!!!!
snijder Says
i have a bad academic(all marks in 60%) but 94% in cat can i get itm mumbai

yes..very bright chances....!!!!! need good GD and PI..!!!!!!
Impress the panel...thats it.....!!!!!!!
My academics are
10 - 45%
12 - 58%
grad - 62%(aggregate)
mat comp - 601.5
do i hav any chance in jims for d pgdm courses..

To be real...very tough...!!!!
But if u could impress GD and PI panel..!!
then everything is possible..then u can get it!!
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