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Did anyone get a Skype Interview call?
Saurabh Chatterjee @chats88
Its been a month since I submitted my application and the Status still reads "Completed".... Meanwhile reading these in office :stuck out tongue: :wink: http://ww...
Llewellyn DeSouza @Llewellyn75
A regular stream of PMs to me have been from people asking which schools to target based on their GMAT. While there is a lot more to the applications than just the GMAT score ... Here is a mash up of the top US schools and their expectation with regards to a min GMAT score from an Indian candida...
Nitin Goyal @nitin083

for US B schools is TOEFL/ IELTS required for Indian students, even if you have your medium of instruction during undergraduate studies in English.  @Llewellyn75 

Ravi Sridharan @b0ss
Your Summary Sheet and other documents are awaited. Documents should reach NITIE within 15 working days of submitting the application online. Keep checking the status periodically to get an update on the status of your application. i have sent the files long time back ... i have also receip...
Nitin Goyal @nitin083

where r u checking d status?? i dont see any admission portal on the website!!

Tanveer Ahmed @writetotanveer
In the pursuit of that perfect VA score a lot of students tend to not focus on the big picture in the CAT. For example the average CAT aspirant will go hell for leather for Fill in the Blanks (FIB ), Word Usage (WU) , Co
Nitin Goyal @nitin083

Aha...finally!! Was looking for a long time the correct approach to attempt Sec-2

hi guys, i have 2.5 years of work ex with L&T; & based in dubai, currently working on pre-sales, buisness development & tendering for middle east & Northern Africa markets.

Acads - 10th - 83%, 12- 83%, Degree (Thapar University - B.E. - Electrical) - 8.34

My post Mba goals being, to set up a financial & construction consultancy.

Just wanted to ask what would be the ideal GMAT score to crack ISB & whether my profile suits for the same??

Thanks in Advance

  • As we understand you are in pre-sales but you are located.... 25 May '13.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 920

As we understand you are in pre-sales but you are located in Dubai, do you face significant level of client interaction on a daily basis? Regarding GMAT, 710+ would be a great score for you, anything below that would make your position dicey.

hey guys is GK/BA included as a part of syllabus for CAT'11 or CAT'12??

Plz revert!!

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Hey guys i am working in dubai....does anyone knows about test center or test series in dubai for CAT?

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my take 1)
bcoz apart from mess by thompson, wenner still supported thompson and this is shwn in the last paragraph

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Angela Merkel's Moment - 1st Oct 2011

In this Author Primarily talks about the current Problem(Greek Debt Crisis). He takes a explanatory tone of the ongoing crisis and also explains the various aftereffects of this crisis.

The main points in the editorial are
1. Euro zone inability to come together & solve the crisis
2. Effects of crisis on world & europe itself
3. Also it specificaly explains the germany unwillingness to rescue the euro countries(being the strongest in all of them)

Author ends by raising a question whether the late bail out plan from germany will be able to bring out the euro zone from crisis???

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