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Finally, completed my summers! Overall, it was a good learning experience. I had interaction with a few MBA students too (coming from B-schools comparable to GIM). One thing which I realized while interacting with them was that level of GIM is far higher than those B-schools. The most striking feature which I instantaneously felt was the sort of scheduling done at GIM (most of the other students didnt even know when there colleges are re-opening and here we have full one year schedule before us well in advance) or the type of support/facilities GIM offers to its students, I found GIM to be better in every aspect. Academically too, we have got a stronger base than them. The sort of projects we have done, reports we have prepared, assignments we have submitted, strict academic regulations we have followed, it is simply differentiates us from the rest. Also, the freedom we enjoy (No incoming-outgoing timings!) is not something which many B-schools allow. Thanks for this summer experience, I am even more proud to be a part of this prestigious college and I am sure many of my GIM friends would also have had a similar experience.

Raring to go back to GIM again, this time as PGP2s. By the time we come back campus would be buzzing with PGP1s. However, would dearly miss ever-supportive seniors. GIM would never look same without you people. Hope to meet you all soon at Grand Alumini meet.

Nishtha Narula
GIM, Batch of 2010

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Congratulations to all u juniors out there who go through! And for ppl who are on waitlist, hope u convert it. But, pls have some patience as things might take sometime. There were few ppl in our batch who joined at the very last moment as it all depends on students on confirmed list who decide not to join!

And plz be prepared for some real hardwork. I am sure MBA is not gonna be easy for any of u ,specially engineers (BTW me too an engineer and that too with 3 yrs work ex)

So, as u prepare urself for partying ( u will surely have a good time here), be prepared for the grill as well. ATB :)

GIM, Batch of 2010

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Here goes my 1st post in this thread......Since last 1 year, I have been reading wonderful experiences of all seniors on this thread and now I am here in GIM to post my own.Well,it has been 20 days since we have joined GIM but it feels like we have been here since ages.To be frank,when I was joining GIM I was quite apprehensive of whether I am making a right decision or not as I was leaving my 3 yr old well settled job, but now I when I look back I realize what a big mistake I would have made
in case I decided to go otherwise.

Well,I am enjoying every bit of my MBA Journey, the 'personality development sessions' by seniors,ferry ride to Diwar island, the scenic view of Mandovi River, cool breeze of Arabian sea from top of Dona Paula,the hospitality and helpful nature of the college staff, learned professors(my fav. being sarita Mam and Parulekar Sir) and above all my wonderful batchmates from so many diversified backgrounds and places.One gets to learn so much from them.

Time passes very fast in GIM...its already midnight as I am writing this post and I still have my marketing and OB assignments to complete.Catching a sleep of 8 hrs is a rare luxury.And then, there are group assignments to submit,project deadlines to be simply pushes you to the limit.But, then there is loads and loads of fun also.On this Friday we had Midsummers night and our entire batch performed to its best(PGP1 rocks!!!)and then, yesterday we had Fresher's party in a disc called Butter Lounge where we all danced till 3 o'clock in the night and finally after having coffee in a restaurant returned back to campus at 5o'clock in the morning.And still, somehow managed to attend MLR lecture at 10:30 am next day.

On a serious note, I never thought that MBA can be so much of fun and at the same time be a great learning experience as well.And to put in words of our senior Darshika 'These 2 yrs in GIM will turn out to be best years of your lives'.Amen.

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Can anyone please provide the link for joining Google group?

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Seniors, I wanted to know if the fee we are supposed to pay by 10th of April can be refunded. I have my interview of TISS scheduled at 12th April and the results will be out by 24th april.

If I get through TISS and I want to get my fee refunded can it happen?

Seniors plz throw some light.

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Done with my GIM interview.....don't know how it went(posted my GDPI experiences in GIM GDPI thread)....but relieved now.......waiting anxiously for the results(only call.....stuck up in a boring job)

Anyways....thanks a lot to all the seniors for their help & support.Hope to join all of you at GIM soon.

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So here I am posting my GDPI expereiences

Venue : ISI,Delhi
Date:3rd March
Time :1:45 PM
XAT percentile : 93.64
Background : Elex & TC Engineer
Work Ex : 2.5 yrs in Telecom Company

About 36 people were present in the slot and we were divided in 2 groups of 18 each. Then the we were again divided in group of 9 each. We were then told an overview of GIM, its historical past, its founder etc . Later, one professor joked that they have got good vegetarian food too available in canteen though Goa is famous for its fishes.

GD TOPIC : Already posted earlier abt a Kirana Shopkeeper mahesh giving credit card to his customers and then facing problem.

GD Started with introduction by candidates in clockwise direction. Spoke about 4-5 times, overall GD to Okay type....after sometime the dicussion kept on rotating on same points.One guy in our btach kept on repeating that the Shopkeeper should emotionally reach out to his customers and tell them abt his problem.Finally we were asked to summarize in anticlockwise direction.....

I was the 9th one to be interviewed in my batch. The guy who went before sardarji....came out in 5 minutes...the panel checked him marksheets,certificates & other things in his file,handed over back to him & said questions ......nothing.

On hearing his experience, I really got scared. Finally webt inside after 2 minutes.

2 professors on the panle(same people who were observers in the GD)I would name the professors P1 & P2.

P1: Tell me your XAT Score....did u gave XAT last yr....what was ur percentile...any improvement.....why low quant score.
P1: Tell me what is debit & credit?
Me : Struggling to explain.
P1: Okay since u r earning, you might be spending a lot too..tell me what is debit card and a credit card.
Me : Happily explained.
P2: What card did the shopkeeper used in the GD topic given?
Me: Credit card
P1:What is a balance sheet?
Me:Balance sheet of a company includes its investement,profit,losses etc.(was wondering....was abt to an engineer...don't know anything abt eco.....then came P2 to my rescue)
P2: P1 is a finance he is asking u questions related to finance. Let me ask you a question on ur subject. Tell me how a fax mechine works?
Me: (yeh googly kahan se aa gayi?) Told them some crap....complete bullshit
P1: By looking at the print of the sheet which I have provided in XAT details....u haven;t mentioned your salary in the sheet.
Me: (Looking at the printout)Sorry Sir!
P1:No problems, tell me your current salary
Me: Told...and added this is subjected to revision this April.
P1:Expected salary
P1:Oh!Then y u want to do MBA.
Me: Told the same raata raataya Kahani....seen my company from a technical point of view...what to have a holistic view.
P1:So, u r ready to return back to the same company
Me:Yes Sir.My comapny is even a recruiter in GIM
P1:How much you r expecting after returning?
Me:That's a tricky question
Me:Its difficult to put it in figures...actually I am not looking after money I want some real Gyaan...want to enhance my decision making & managerial skills(same old crap)
P2:Put ur expected salary in Figures.
Me:Told.(P1 wrote that in the print out of my details which he was holding)
P2:What you are expecting if you stay in the company without doing an MBA.
Me: TOLD.Again I said :me not looking for money.
P1 &P2; both : No, No we are thinking what contribution GIM can do to you since you are already earning pretty good.
Me::confused:(I had prepared on what contribution I can do to GIM but never expected them to say that what contribution they can do to me)
P1:Okay,tell me abt ur background..I already have ur details with me...I want something which is not there....tell me abt ur family background.
Me: Mother,father,younger brother.
P1:What does ur younger brother does?
P1:How u plan to pay the fees of the GIM?
Me:Half I can pay by whatever saving I have done...half I will borrow from my parents
P1:Are your parents ready to send you to Goa?
Me:Sir, they have already allowed to stay out from last 2.5 yrs(I have been working in Hyderabad from last 2.5 yrs.....away from my dear parents), they have allowed me to do night shifts then I don't see them having any problem in sending me to parents have been through out very supportive.
P1:sad:Looking at my XAT score) : Tell me y low quant score though u r an engineer.
Me:Speechless......Tried saying that my strengths were VA & not able to put my knowledge into application based CAT & XAT questions......I have improved since my last XAT score..However, I think I should have worked harder.
P1:grin:o you what is hardwork..infact do u know how much hardwork u have to put in GIM or say any other management college.
Me:Yes Sir...I have heard that u get to sleep only for 3-4hrs..such is the amount of hard work to be put in..anyways since I have a difficult,stressful job,I don't find difficult in continuing the same in GIM.
P1:Okay, tell me what is more important?Getting good marks or getting marks without cheating?
Me:Getting marks without cheating.
P1: Are u sure?
Me:No doubt abt it.
P1:So, u mean to say that what all marks you have got in XAT are without cheating?
Me:Yes Sir(Should have stopped here...) Anyways Sir, there was no scope of cheating in XAT.
P1 & P2 both: (Laughing mockingly at me) So u mean to say that u would have done otherwise if scope was available.
Me::nervous:No No Sir.....I mean to say....(Oh GOD I kept on struggling for words.....apne he parr pe kulhadi marna)
P1:Any other calls
Me:No, this is the only call
P2:No call from XLRI.
Me:No...have low overall score.
P1&P2;:Okay Thank You

Ahhh.....finally over.....lasted for about 8-10 minutes.....No verification of marksheets or other certificates......just keeping my fingers crossed.

But, I should say that the faculty was very cordial & friendly.No stress interview etc.

All the best to other guys & gals.

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Thanks a lot to both Rahul & Neha.:smile:.......Just wanted to ask 2 more questions........

I was asked the same question in mock interview at my coaching class......Why GIM??.....I tried giving answers like GIM comes under top 20 MBA colleges of India, good infrastructure etc... still the interviewers kept on insisting why GIM?......I even went through the website of GIM to find the answers but couldn't gather much.....if you can please help in giving this answer in a better way......GIM is the only call I have got till now.....need to convert it anyhow.

Also, I am interested in HR Management....wanted to know about the placements, opportunities in HR stream....saw the placement report of GIM but it doesn't provide information in particular to HR stream.

Just wanted to clear little apprehensions of mine as HR isn't considered as lucrative as Finance or Marketing.

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I have been following this thread for quite a long time.......but this happens to be my first post...infact first on PG......Thank you seniors for your constant support & guidance.

I have my interview at Delhi on 3rd March. Just wanted to know what should I carry as experience certficate....I have been working from last 2 and half years....Will my latest payslip be enough?

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Sorry for putting the question at wrong thread....

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