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.............. ya even i feel there is no need to b so altruistic , bcoz i never really thought of anybody wen i took tht decision , bcoz i just thought of my attitude , my conscious, and my decision, and if i ever i wud have thought of anybody i wud surely thought of my parents who still feel bad.....

and truly speaking i have never really thought tht if i dont take up tht seat somebody else will take and i will sacrifice it for somebody who is worthy , ....... blah , blah ....

i just made decision for my selfish need ( my attitude , and my conscious feelings and thts it )..

and gud to hear tht udont beleive in Altruism, bcoz even i dont believe in such stuff ... ...
as u said at the end of the day its all upto ones individual decision,

ATB n tc

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i came to know abt PG in the due conversation with one of my frnd, so i just logged in , and i posted and got huge response for my question , it was just sooo amazing , and i am really addicted to it,

thx PG for all the gud work, keep up the spirit......

hii all of u,

wen i posted for the first time i never really felt tht i wud get such gud response 4m soo many ppl, yeah thx once again 4 supporting me,

but few of them posted their views (I SINCERELY RESPECT THEIR VIEWS ), saying i shud have taken the opportunity (a special treatment for reserved categories) wen govt. has given that right ,.....

but i always felt tht , Constitution has given provision for reserved categories bcoz they were neglected were ill treated by upper classes in THOSE TIMES (LONG LONG BACK, 50 yrs ago ) ,............but now the scenario is completely different, infact there r ppl who dont belong to reserved categories but r financially backward, who r denied of their basic rights , and they shud b given preference based on financial status n not bcoz of reservations,

and these r just my views , plz dont get offended by this (if anyone )

and at the end of the day always ones individuality is most important, so i thank all u guys who have posted in this thread .

for me its a gr8 feeling to know all ur views ......

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hiii all of u,

Thanks a lot , for posting ur views , wen i was reading all the replies. i just couldnt control my tears, they were just rolling down ,

thanks a lot once again to all u guys, for supporting me , and seriosuly increasing my self- confidence, as one of u guys said i shud look for a bigger picture where in i can proudly say tht watever i got , i got it on merit basis , and b proud of wat i did,

thank u guys

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hi guys ,

i got a gd/pi call frm FMS(MBA -MS) but didnt attend it, actually i have a reservation of sc , tht was the only reason i was shortlisted, i was shortlisted even for sibm,(bcoz of my reservation), but luckily i converted a very normal b-school on merit basis, so i decided to go against my parents by not attending fms (mba-ms) gd/pi which i got only bcoz of reservation, and decided to join a low grade b-school which i got a final call only thru merit basis.

guys but now wen i c fms site i feel guilty , but then i feel i took a brave step, i joined a b-school which i got thru merit basis rather than any reservation , and my conscious will not prick me,

guys i need ur help, did i do the right thing or was it silly in such a fast moving world ,

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