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Chapter closed!!

astrosky Says
I got the ding email

Better luck next time dude..looks like mine is on the way...

Called up ISB about an hour back and the friendly lady on the ph asked me to call in an hour. She said that adcom is in a meeting and finalizing *****. Called up just now but no one picked the phone. Pls post if any of you guys have any status on this..

TusharChaudhary Says
i called up ISB the wait cont..... the new date is Monday 2 April !!! god knows if that is the final date !!

Did anyone of you try to call Adcom today. I tried couple of times but no one is picking. Not sure why ISB is not updating the status. Are there still chances or ISB adcom is just too busy to send out reject emails?

Called up the ADCOM yesterday,we can expect a closure by this weekend.(sigh!!)

Earlier we were waiting for admit email and now the reject email. what an Irony...

I am wondering what if ISB takes another two months before sending result (read reject) mails?
Should I apply for class of 2014 or hope to join the class of 2013 itself ?

After all the struggle and failures, it's like waiting for a long dark tunnel to end, and about the time, when you are losing all the hopes and about to quit, suddenly coming into bright light and tasting fresh air. I am sure that you will make the best use of your 1 year at ISB. All the best man!! Happy for you!!

Hi Puys,
3 attempts and 1 success at ISB PGP.
I have been admitted to ISB Mohali.Wanted to share my experience with ISB PGP selection process.
My profile in brief
GMAT 710(40 V/48Q)/5 AWA
Approx 5 yrs of work ex by the time I join ISB.Typical Indian IT male (Cognizant, NIC)
ECs Avg, Strong acads
I have applied to ISB three times.
*) First time was for class of 2011 applied in R2 on 30th Nov 2009.
Had given GMAT on 30th nov itself.(So you can apply on the day you take GMAT that is not a issue.)
Got the interview invite on 12th Jan 2010 for interview on 23rd Jan at hyd.
Here is my first interview experience.
After interview I knew that I had screwed up my chances.
So got a straight reject on 15th Feb 2010.
*)Applied again for class of 2012 in R1 and did not even get interview call.
Reason: Had applied with almost similar essays and 3-4 months of time is actually very less to show some significant improvement in profile. (Which is what is looked by adcom for reapplicants?)
*) This time applied in R2 deliberately so as to have enough time to show some significant improvement in my profile. During this time tried to do as much as I can in both professional and personal field and all this while kept on doing introspection of what actually went wrong.
And this time everything has happened at the last moment .Decided to apply on Nov 23 2011 haphazardly filled the application with review and help from few fellow (Yogi and others) R1 admits.
Submitted it on 30th Nov and had actually very less hopes.
Hope was dying down; one fine morning on 28th Jan 2012 got an interview invite for interview at Delhi Feb. 4.
Somehow prepared something and appeared for intereview.Did reasonably well in interview. (Thats why had the hopes alive till now)
Here is the interview debrief.;=291178

Then the wait started come 15th Feb and waitlisted. I knew ISB wants to show its complete admission process (Right from reject without interview, reject after interview, waitlist after interview and finally waitlist converting to admit at the far end of March 2012.)Finally have an offer for Mohall.
Indeed it has been a great learning experience and the pagalguy forum has proved of tremendous help, guidance, and motivation.
And yes one more thing I did this time is, got a referral from alum which I believe is very important. This is in addition to the two references which we get in application.
Here is the link for the same. Please use it.
ISB was my dream and it feels great to live up to dream. This was the only school I had applied to.
May be some people will say I am adamant but this adamancy has helped me. .When I got rejected second time there were many advising me leave ISB and think of something else because I was not fit for ISB or ISB was not fit for me. But I didnt buzz.Yeah I admit this was my last and final attempt at B school app process. But life just gives us what we want after a complete struggle when we are about to give in, when we are about to assume that we have lost. But in fact we have not.
Hope this piece of mine could help future applicants.
I will be really happy to help with any of the questions on this forum or otherwise.

Congrats you puys who got in. I can only imagine how amazing it would be after such a loooohhng wait.


f2004415 Says
Isn't it like 1 AM for you?! Get some sleep!

mountain time 10:10 PM right now.....looks like ISB is going to make us wait little more...not sure if this ordeal is going to be over today...

anyone heard anything from ISB?