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@ankan14 Don't want to start a Group Discussion here on Love Vs Arranged marriage as it is not the purpose of this thread.. I support both kinds of marriages equally. But you got to agree that some things are beyond our imagination on how they work.. Believe me, Arranged marriage system is little painful but an amazingly beautiful concept that results in long lasting relationships.. But your ques is also valid that how can they?? That too in very few meetings (sometimes just one).. Answer to this is "instinct". That instinct may come from many things like her general aura, her disposition, her walking style, her talking style, her carrying style, your own judgement (which comes from experience/age).. At last, you will get a FEEL when u will talk/meet with that person that "Bingo, she is the one!"..

This is not to say that everything is left to luck...but yes, at least a part of it is ..
And it's just amazing how it works..look around, interview people who underwent arranged marriage and u will find most of them echoing above paragraph!

Lastly, don't confuse divorce rates with the kind of marriage. It has nothing to do with love or arranged as "logically" it can happen anywhere where there is no "understanding / trust / respect / compromise" between the partners..
hahahahahahahahahaha on your 'ghar basane hi chale gaye' comment.. :P
Regarding how many no of meetings I have before deciding:
It won't be much..2 or 3 may be at max.. though obv. no boundations on talking on phone and chatting..
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Awesome line:
"Think about how you feel when you are judged by strangers!! Stop judging others before even knowing them without prejudice.."

I can actually empathize with it.. :P

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@koyal1990 said:

regd questions to be asked- that entirely depends on your area of interest, as for me, I would like to inquire about-1. his educational qualifications2. his passion, esp music coz I have special interest in that.3. if he likes to cook.. (I reli like men who can cook... )4. his expectations from the marriage.5. he better let me work after marriage!!!
@koyal1990 Could you plz elaborate point no 4?
@ayushnasa said:
@rattle.snake@rhinorocks Sirs....._/\_ \\O______|/Khatam karo ab Dono sahi Ab tak to bechare @nirmalrahul ki shaadi tay bhi ho chuki hogi Hume unhe sawal batane the..Apne views nahi No offence menat to anyone..Par one-on-one thread mat banaiye....Peace
@ayushnasa Nahi bhai... ab tak shaadi tay nahi hui... In fact, I still haven't reached that stage of "meeting".. I tell you the reasons (apart from basics like looks, education and family):

a) One girl's mother replied to our interest: "Sorry, we can't go ahead becoz Mr Rahul is eggatarian and we r looking for strictly veg groom" :P

b) Kundli* Issues - I don't know whether it's right or wrong to match Kundlis before marriage (And let's not start a debate on this) but it has taken a toll over me.. This sometimes becomes hilarious how v still believe in these things. Thankfully, my parents are pretty relaxed in this but I can not expect the same from other party too.. :(

c) I belong to NCR but working in Pune.. And, most girls' families want their prospective son-in-laws to be "well-settled" in NCR only.

Point-b has been the most prominent reason till now.

Thanks a lot everyone for the overwhelming responses!! :)

Regarding ques about past: I may also agree with this point that asking ques about past may not be a good idea in first meeting..and frankly speaking I have nothing to do with it. Every person has a past which is not an issue. BUT, I need to know at least one thing that she is not being forced into marriage for 1 reason:
>Her parents disapprove of her boyfrnd (one of my frnds faced this..he was fortunate enuf to know about it just 2 days before marriage but after engagement)

Also, I may not go for music compatibility too bcoz it's fine if she has a diff taste of music or if she doesnt like 90s song.. :P..

In next few weeks, I will be meeting and interacting with few 'prospective spouses' through matri websites or newspapers or refferals. However, I am not really sure what to ask for in the first meeting with the girl.

Please suggest me some questions that can help me judge the girl better.

Note -

1) Please keep it clean and simple.

2) Girls can also write here what they would like to ask their prospective partner.


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Surely you will convert. All the best.