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Hi All,

Glad that many students are joining CBS!! Here are some info on placements as its mostly being asked!

IT/Telecom: 13 students overall
Satyam: 4 Sal: 0-1 yr exp: 3.75; 3 yrs exp: 6.5
Inautix: 3 Sal: 5.5 - 6 L
Servion: 4 Sal: 4.4 L
Adventity solns: 2 Sal : Dunno

Pantaloons (Big bazaar) , Reliance Retail , Spencers daily , Satyam..

The sal ranges are between 3-4 i guess


Taj, JWT, Decathlon,MARG, Take solutions
dunno how many more came sal ranges...dunno..the more the exp the more the pay

Reliance, TAFE, Ashok Leyland
dunno how many more came...sal depends on exp

Companies like Orchid Chemicals recruited students based on their prev experience and not based on varsity!!

Hope this helps on the placement scenario.

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All prospective students!! All the best for ur GD/PI!!

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To be frank, if you are opting for Marketing, I dont see pay hike from ur current salary!! As I said bfre, it depends on the company!! Most of the time, the company shortlists the candidates based on the placement brochure!! One student in marketing got placed in inautix coz of her 3 yrs experience in IT!!

If you are opting for IT, there will be a pay hike, but I am not sure how much you are expecting!! You can get atleast 10 L minimum!! All the best !!

Specialization classes happen during the sure you can find one of us during the weekend!!


CBS generally accepts CAT or GMAT scores!! However I am not sure about this year!! Please check for info at Chennai Business School: Chennai B-School,Telecom Management in Chennai,HR Management in Chennai,Business Schools in Chennai,Post graduate programme in Marketing Communications


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hi guys,

I am a mechanical engineer with 5+ yrs technical experience. i have applied for this school for pgp in Marketing management. I am having interview this sunday, pretty excited about it.
wht can i expect in the aptidue test, GD and interview ??? please guide me

thanks in advance



We dint have any aptitude test so far!! So thats new I guess!! The GD will be relatively simple as long as the candidates dont turn it into a fish market!! Just know about the current affairs and the latest happenings in the world

The Interview will have all big shots and they will try to gauge your interest and find out how serious you are about your career and all!! It should be fine!! All the Best!! Do well!
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Is this thread active?

I have currently 6 years of work experience. I would like to specialize in IT or Marketing. Could someone from CBS please let me know what kind of salaraies are offered for experienced people and whether the profile of students has a lot of experienced people?




In this batch ...about 40% are experienced!! In IT Varsity, mostly experienced candidates are only taken!! I have 3 yrs exp in IT industry and I got placed in Satyam with a pay of 6.5 L which is the highest so far I believe!! Inautix has igiven 6 L for about 4 students!! Being the first batch in IT, this pay quite good and should increase for the next batch!!

We have students with about 5 yrs exp in Retail and Marketing Varsity!! Pay for Marketing and Retail are not on par with IT as of now!! But then again it depends on experience!!

Some companies look at the candidate's profile in general and not on their specialization!! Orchid Chemicals recruited a person with abt 5 yrs experience for a pay of 6.5 L and it didnt have anything to do with the Varsity!!

For marketing and Marcom .. JWT, Decathlon, Taj, Radio City and some more companies have come and recruited!!
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I am currently doing my PGPM - IT in CBS!! The courses are really good!! Curriculum is really good with the exception of a few boring subjects!! And to be frank the teaching is really great!! Excellent faculties as far as the generalization goes!!

As for the specialization, I know IT is really good..good courses and few faculties are excellent!! I dunno much abt other varsities!! Telecom is supposed to be good!!

Placements are happening and are ok considering that this is only the second year and First year for IT & Telecom, so far Satyam, Inautix, Servion, Adventity have come for IT & Telecom students and the payscale for IT & Telecom is good!!

Retail: Pantaloons, Spencers Daily, Reliance Retail have come..some more are expected

Marketing & Marcom .Companies are coming ..not sure which ones have come so far!!

The first 3 months are quite hectic !! Overall its a good school consdering what it has donein 2 yrs but it still has a looong way to go to be compared to GLIM or other uniV!!

Hope this helps!!

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Am doing my PGPM (IT) in Chennai Business School. I have 3 yrs work exp in IT industry!! I have been selected by Satyam during campus placement!! However I am not able to get any info on the kind of role or work profile that I would have when I join Satyam!! In the offer letter its just mentioned that " Band T and Sub band T-1 " ...Anyone has any idea what exactly this band signifies, the kind of work profile under this band? and the possible designation?? Thanks a lot!!


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NNLakshmi Says
I spoke to one of the first year students, about the placements... only 50% of the students are placed... but, they are quite hopeful as they are confident that, after their internships, they will be absorbed in that particular concern itself...

that doesnt sound too good!!
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in the sense that Jk Rowling's books always have that unpredictability..the 6th book was quite diff in style n character sketch when compared to other books...

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For me, its FRIENDS all the way.

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Not many good serials these days!!

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