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Any admits from Pune. It would be great to get to know each other and catch up !!
Hope we can have a meet in Pune over this weekend ?

I can't believe it... I've made it to ISB... Hyderabad Campus. :)
The reason i can't believe it is coz I was waitlisted in Round 1. I had absolutely no idea that the results for some of the waitlisted guys were going to be out today. Took me totally by surprise when i checked my email at around 8.30 pm.. !!
Anyways, I am very happy and confused too :)
Congratulations to everyone admitted.. !!

aditya.s Says
Finally, a response from NUS nine weeks after the interview! Got in... :)

Congratulations Aditya..
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Guessing I got an admit into NUS, albeit in a funny way. In the application portal under admissions status, there is a new button called E-Payment that shows up on my screen. When I clicked on it, it shows I have to pay the NUS acceptance fee of SGD 5000.

Did not get any official admit email from the school nor any status update. But its Chinese New Year so perhaps the email has not been sent out.

Congratulations The E-Payment option only opens up after an admit.. So you surely must have made it !!

Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post

Hi MBAgyan,

While i completely agree with your point about politically correct responses being a waste of time, i must point out to you that, most of the questions posted here are actually such that really do not have an answer.
It is very easy to be direct and tell someone that your profile is weak and you don't really stand a chance compared to the rest of us. But unfortunately, things don't work that way.

The most important aspect about a b-school application is self-belief. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to make it. If you come out here and ask fellow applicants about what kind of a chance you stand then unfortunately you have lost half the battle. I firmly believe that statements such as "GMAT is just one component, Apply whenever you are ready, The admissions process is extremely holistic etc etc " are very general in nature, but unfortunately are also absolutely right and are exactly the way an application is judged. The biggest problem is that people want a direct answer even before applying which can't be given even by an admissions committee member at this stage, let alone a fellow applicant. If you value each component of your application to its merit then i am sure you will understand how true these statement are.

I request all the fellow applicants to please stop posting such questions and really introspect, because i am sure you will find an answer on your own..!!

All the best


Thank you so much ThirdEyeBlind and Karanrulz4ever


I received an email from NUS this morning. I have been offered admission to the full time NUS MBA. :)
Finally it arrives after quite a long wait. The email doesn't mention anything about scholarships though.
I was interviewed in Mumbai on the 28th of November.

GMAT : 720
Work Ex - Little more than 3 years when I join NUS
Industry - Non- Profit General Management + another start-up venture

All the best to everyone waiting. I am sure you will hear soon now as the adcom is finally back to work !!