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Worst day ever..! B & C both straight rejects with a 96.9%ile

pratik73 Says
Ya kind off but not the last line....... that case..if you are really passionate about your MBA..SCMHRD will be able to provide you with a better experience and of course better placement. And if you are looking for an easy comfortable life go for SRCC..but there u wont get to know what exactly MBA is all about :biggrin:

P.S. SRCC-The brand=B.Com(hons) not GBO
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First of all thankyou guys for replying to my problem,, really enthralled to see so much love and support from my community:biggrin::biggrin:
but guys wat i was thinking of is that ,, as i belong to delhi ,, wont 'being at home' an advantage?? like i can always prepare for the bank exams or other govt. exams with srcc's not so tough curriculum as compared to others(thats wat i hav heard:biggrin:) giving me more tym.....:) ( sarkari naukri has much respect, atleast for my family)
Also as far as scmhrd is concerned i saw the avg.package of 8.93 on the spread sheet that too for HR + total expense of around 15 lacs(fees+hostel+living) without taking loan.... and srcc has a fees of around 1 lac....... i hope u all understand wat i want to say
kindly help me make a good call

If I were in your shoes.. I would have surely chosen SRCC over SCMHRD. SRCC for me is a bigger brand and there are many other advantages attached when you belong to Delhi..
Is this what u want to hear?
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Who all for 22nd April 8 a.m. slot (FMS) ?? :biggrin:

kiraak Says
Sorry but i am unaware of this vision iim ABC waitlist, do you mean final selection waitlist of iim ABC is declared ?, but why no such notice is put officially on website

Vision IIM-ACL is a person's PG ID..

With no converts in hand..bit jealous to see you guys converting your calls :p

Congrats to all who converted NITIE

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abhishek6969 Says
Ahem Ahem ....All my interviews are over. What should I do?

Interview forms mein jo hobbies mention ki thi..pursue those
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buss karo sab..:nono: We all have better things to do than indulging in such fights/arguments.. Prepare for your gd/pi's and involve in some productive work.. This is a never ending discussion..
mazzey karo Peace



Ahaaan.. Yeah, because you already have my opinion on this.. :p

AND, who's opinion were you exactly looking for? :p

Some seniors/experienced people here :grin: