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Hey any of the waitlisted candidates in R2 hear from the adcom??? the wait shud be till june it says in the Waitlist FAQ in the website...Waitlist FAQ : Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon

however, i have heard some candidates waitlisted in R1 get his decision in R2... moreover, the percentage of ppl getting admits frm the waitlist pool seems to be quite low....according to the stats given in the faq...

are there any cases of ppl withdrawing frm waitlist ?? I see lot of ppl waiting still

Now that R3 decisions are to be out... the waitlist candidates will start receiving their decisions.. coz they said they wud weigh the waitlist candidates with the R3 candidates... does CMU also have a R4 by any chance ???

Hi.,.i am frm Hyderabad...

Hey am new to this thread..Even I was waitlisted in R2.... Did some of the waitlisted candidates have an interview ??? I dint have any..juss wondering if any one had!

Hey new to this thread... count me in...I got my admit email 2 days back..... This is my first waitlisted in BC, Tepper long time bak... I lost hopes on MBA this fall...very delighted to see the admit ...

As far as the info some of the guys cud get...the college is gud in terms of international diversity, quality of students (most of them in mangement levels), gud faculty...a little bit of clarity is missing on the placements front ......

Yea...even i got hints to return bak to home after reading some forums (very few).. so u finalised on hult ?

hey .. i was offered $7k scholarship and i dint inquire abt the loan....i am a bit concerned abt the placements..i have a little over 3 yrs work exp and competing with an avg of 6 yr exp (most of the students have 7 yr or more exp) is wat worries me..does any one have a first hand info abt the placements ???

Hi... i am also planning to join hult boston this sep...any additional info on hult...wat factors did u guys consider before choosin hult