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Nishi123 Says
though it says the second list , it is sillll the old one. wait for some more time...

chk it says waitlisted earlier now selected:splat:

2nd list out and i am also out

Wen will the 2nd list(if any) be out?? i am not in

mine is morning.

Any idea how many applicants are there?

all the best to all of you.

229 i guess according to website
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What if ones Number is out of service ??

Yar couldnt they have just uploaded a list or emaild??

They have called everyone.......chk out the somaiya website....DONOT WORRY PUYS...everypuys in

I got a call.i have my PI on 28th at 9am

Milind1 Says
Costing me about 10k+ , coming and going back :S

For me from delhi it is around 9k(return)
Hi Guys

I still doubt that the list will be out on Monday itself..... it'll take little time to evaluate Students there profiles whom to eliminate and whom to call.... not sure if all this can be done in a day or two fro 600+ form (guess)...

So just wait and see how the things move..... keep checking Somaiya website and your personal mail ID...



Someone said pi will be on 27/ u still think they will delay??
Nishi123 Says
When is d last day to send form

22 july i.e. tommorow
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akhilesh_mehta Says
As few days are only left can i courier the documents too somiya will they accept it

only 1 day is left now(after today)...u still in limbo whether to send it or not that to u being in mumbai???
bhai jaldi bhejde