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Hi all,

I am WL-1. Could someone plz tell me whether I have to submitt fees with the ppl having calls or I will have to wait for final list. This is Important as I have to arrange for loans as well as, ticket to Jamshedpur. If someone is calling XLRI, plz ask abot tentative last date for fee submission for waitlisted ppl like me.

Thanks in advance

Congrats Dude..You are I am opting out..All the best...Shine on !

Hey Guys,

2 is a company, three is a, apologize for barging in but I hope you two don't mind me joining....:)

If Ross doesn't clear my Waitlist, we are gonna be collegemates...

My Profile :

4 Years Work Ex in Design Industry
GMAT 710
Applied Feb 1....Interviewed Feb 6...Admitted Feb 14 ( V-Day was lucky, I guess )
in Hyderabad
Mech Engineer for IIT KGP 2002 Batch

That's pretty much for starters....Looking forward to having a blast at West Lafayette


hey , u r a hardcore pagal and u dont know the rules.
no comparisons plz. mods, lock kiya jaaye

Thanks for the 2 cents...

Wasn't aware of the new rule in place...Who makesall these rules...What is a community website for? For inviting discussion, right?

Enjoy !

Need your 2 cents on NUS Vs XLRI for a guy who has 4 years of work experience in Design Industry with good understanding of Six Sigma and willing to pursue Operations Management....Not at all interested in switching to Fin / Marketing et al.

It will be great if you puys can pitch in and help on this with data...


So who were the panelists at XIC?
We have managed to identify them
My panel (for BM) comprised of,
Prof. Paul Fernandes, S.J. (P1)
Prof. R.K.Premarajan (P2)
Prof. Sanjay Patro (P3)
the other BM panel had Prof. Pranabesh Ray as one of them. No idea abt. the others.

My Interview was on Friday evening at XIC..I guess, it was the other panel who interviewed me....

Ashis K. Pani
E.A. Augustine, S.J.
Pranabesh Ray

Will use IP for all...( Well.IP stands for Interview Panel )

Don't remember who asked what but could recall how it flowed...

Started with why I have only one name.....explained the logic behind it...They were convinced ( so to say)...Shared my experiences with having only one name..especially when I was in US..How people got confused seeing only one, the interview started with a very light mood....

IP:So, you have been working in the same company for 4 years, isn't it unusual
Me: Things have been happening for good, great job etc etc

IP: So, what happened now? why MBA all of a sudden if you are really happy with the job?
Me: I have developed this interest in Operations and an MBA is just an acedemic pursuit for em to explore more about operations and then getting back to the same work at a higher level where I will contribute more....

IP: So, your company would finance your MBA?
Me: Haven't asked them yet...But never heard of such a case earlier..

IP: Ever heard about limits?
Me: Yes, explained and then explained again and I was really speaking gibberish at this point in time...trying to say that mathematical concept in English...I reached for a piece of paper and apologized them if I confused them...They didn't say, I presume, I DID confuse them...

IP: Can you think of any practical examples where limits are used
I tried citing some example..not exact but close...then IP brought radiactive material in discussion and then we discussed over the concept of limits for quite some time....

IP: Ever heard of Jack Welch?
Me:Smiling....Yes...Then spoke about Jack Welch at length...all good things he did for GE and how he took the baton from Reginald Jones and handed over to Jeff Immelt..

IP: So, GE was not great before Jack?
Me: I do not claim that reginald Jones was a Bad CEo..He was a great CEO who accepted the fact that GE can not grow anymore...Jack Welch broke this tradition...He never let the size come in way of progress..rather, he used GE's size to his advantage...

IP: But, what about his executive compensation scandal?
Me: I was coming to that....That is one area I do not approve of Jack Welch...There is a concept in Leadership called Level 5..People who have extreme humility...JAck Welch lacks Level 5 characteristic..Then I explained The case of "wells fargo" CEO who was a level 5 leader and how he acted when faced with a similar case of executive compensation

IP: So, you are from Jharkhand?
Me: Yes Sir

IP: When was Jharkhand separated?
Me: 15 Nov 2000

IP: Why on 15 nov of all the dates
Me: Sir, I don't know the exact reason but if you allow me, I would take a guess

IP: Go ahead
Me: It may be the birthday of Birsa Munda...The father of jharkhand movement

IP: No reaction ! Poker faces...Don't know if it is right?

IP: Any Idea what's wrong with Jharkhand?
Me: Listed problems of Extremist Movement, Infrastructure, Roads, Law & Order etc..Spoke 10-15 seconds on each..

IP:If I make you the CM of Jharkhand, what would you do?
Me: Told the solution to the problems I listed..PLus added luring the investors to invest in Jharkahd...

IP: I understand that you were born in 1983 Oct and you took your Xth board in 1996..How?
Me: Told about being exceptional case...Got double promotions et al...Don't know if they were convinced as it is very unusual but anyway....that's the way it is

There were some more discussion towards the end but very casual...don't remember...

My Profile: Work Ex: 4 years
XAT %ile : 99.85

I was satisfied and got lucky as they didn't ask anything they have ever asked to anyone because I would have blown the interview had it occured the traditional way..This was better for me.....

All the best to everyone for the results...
Hello ppl...
have the ones who got selected for XLRi recieved a seperate mail from them??
this is urgent!!!:wow:

NO....No Separate mails...
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Hi Guys,

I got a call as well...Is there any clarity on when the interviews are expected to be scheduled...

Any Current student at XLRI may help in this the way, I put

Verbal Ability 98.150
Quantitative Ability 98.060
Data Interpretation & Logical ability 98.860
Total Percentile 99.850

Applied for BM....Work Exp: 4 years..

Can someone guide me to some XL interview transcripts on the net?

Enjoy !


Just checked with IMS ( 333 ) and this is what I came up with..

Quants - 9
Verbal - 18
DI - 19.33

Total : 46.33

Don't know what to expect ?? Wrote CAT for big gains but quants killed just too many wrongs..:-(..
Anyway, congrats to those who made it big...

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Looks like...I will do it every time ( i.e. posting the scores FIRST )

QA - 12 - 8 - 6.67
DI - 29 - 24 - 22.33
VA - 37 - 28 - 25

Net Score : 54

GK - ???????? (Net Score - 8 )

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When I began typing here..Looks like if I finish in time, my scores willl be the first one to get published...

The paper was VERY VERY Substandrad...Those who are really good in English would surely have finished the entire section within an hour..

Anyway, My break up is :

Section - Attempt - Correct - Score
VA (0.5) - 4 - 4 - 2
VA (1) - 51 - 37 - 32.33
QA/DI (1)- 20 - 16 - 14.66
QA/DI (0.5) - 14 - 13 - 6.33

Net : 55.33

No Idea if this is average, good or really good !

Looking forward for other posts

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