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hi all
i m currently pursuing pgfm in nift delhi and must say it is a very different course and u will enjoy it if u like fashion.
as for hostel, delhi has both for guys and girls but not in campus. and i havent heard great stuff about it (only heard ;because i m a delhite).

major focus on merchandising: so there u go about placements,

and u were right neha: its great to have TP here......

not me

hey i made it too. rank 16th

oops! wrong post wrong place

that was mona

theres def some prob
series 111
my exp score was around 54-5 and got 50.

well i have done that. waiting for a reply .

even i have got a call. but have no idea how to abt it . ne ways when is ur gd int. mine on 22nd ...

results out!!

if it helps...
gd for this place was diff as we had to make our views known before starting the gd.well pi was lot tougher than expected
i am frm eco background so i was grilled on eco
abt int rate implications on liquidity...
also dumping, eco implications of cheap foreign goods coming into mkt
how can u stop smuggling
how can govt prevent it
prof asked me if opening up of eco is good or bad?
i sd good and went abt to exp the gd pts of glob
after hearing me he sd negate ur self
why ib hr??
a case study reh an employee in addiction
work ex et al
well its too late vcoz the gds r till 29th
neways good luck