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Well I would also like to be part of the meet as i have attended none .Plz make the meet happen soon on any weekends


Hello Everyone

Here is my share of rejection

X -82.16-2002


B Tech-NIT ROURKELA ,2009-8.46 CGPA

CAT 2009-99.53

No IIM calls MDI ,NITIE waitlisted

CAT 2010-99.68

IIM A ,C ,L ,I

converts -IIM L(ABM)

IIM C wl(39)

Currently working as an Analyst in a MNC bank and completely devastated
Don't know if i have it in me to go for one more year!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Abhisek and I am interested in belling the CAT.Was close this year with 99.68 percentile and four IIM calls but could manage only a waitlist in IIM C and a IIM L ABM convert .Would love to be inspired by folks who have gone through the nightmare ,i feel right now

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Has any General candidate been offered a seat bcoz of the late withdrawal of people joining IIM C after being waitlisted earlier

Can we have a Poll like the ones present in the previous year threads.That way it would be clear how many are placed in A and B

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Same here Yaar.I am far off as compared to all of you ,but the desperation is making me search for aany back door entry to JOKA!!

Even as explained the wl-16 has IIM A convert and will join. Similarly six have PGDCM converts.Any other Waitlisted puy leaving us for A ,B PGDCM!

@d33 .Yes and i was looking at the waitlist and trying to find out how many among us have A ,B or the PGDCM converts.That will also help in moving the waitlist up further!

As reported earlier ,there were some six PGDCM converts in the waitlist.We can use them also in the analysis and the figure according to the analysis will touch 80 .still 10 for me to convert!!

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