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Anyone through the admission procedure for Class of 2015


Applying to UTD March 1 Deadline. Unable to see the essay questions? Where can I find them on the Application Portal.
Please reply.

Anyone waitlisted before an interview???

Not sure if this has been answered before....
Any calls from Mumbai....Have ppl got interview calls from here???
All the Best to all.

Guys..a couple of questions have really confused me..please provide explanation with your ans:

1.A recent review of pay scales indicates that CEOs now earn an average of 419 times more pay than blue-collar workers, compared to a ratio of 42 times in 1980.

A. that CEOs now earn an average of 419 times more pay than blue-collar workers, compared to a ratio of 42 times
B. that, on average, CEOs now earn 419 times the pay of blue-collar workers, a ratio that compares to 42 times
C. that, on average, CEOs now earn 419 times the pay of blue-collar workers, as compared to 42 times their pay, the ratio
D. CEOs who now earn on average 419 times more pay than blue-collar workers, as compared to 42 times their pay, the ratio
E. CEOs now earning an average of 419 times the pay of blue-collar workers, compared to the ratio of 42 times

2. Soaring television costs accounted for more than half the spending in the presidential campaign of 1992, a greater proportion than it was in any previous election.

(a) a greater proportion than it was
(b) a greater proportion than
(c) a greater proportion than they have been
(d) which is greater than was so
(e) which is greater than it has been

OA's later...

1. indicates should be followed by that
In option A , the CEO's pay is compared to blue collar workers, this is incorrect.
So we narrow down to choices B and C. Further C is the correct one "as compared to...."

2.The word which here will incorrectly refer to the Presidential Campaign.
A greater proportion is correct construction. Further the word previous in option A means something that was, so no need of "than it was"
B is correct here.
For the past 13 years, high school guidance counselors nationwide have implemented an aggressive program to convince high school students to select careers requiring college degrees. The government reported that the percentage of last year's high school graduates who went on to college was 15 percent greater than the percentage of those who graduated 10 years ago and did so. The counselors concluded from this report that the program had been successful.

The guidance counselors' reasoning depends on which one of the following assumptions about high school graduates?

(A) The number of graduates who went on to college remained constant each year during the 10-year period.

(B) Any college courses that the graduates take will improve their career prospects.

(C) Some of the graduates who went on to college never received guidance from a high school counselor.

(D) There has been a decrease in the number of graduates who go on to college without career plans.

(E) Many of last year's graduates who went on to college did so in order to prepare for careers requiring college degrees

Is it E?... what is the source?
The Board of Directors of the Lejon Etymological Museum imposed a 50-cent admission charge in order to reduce the Museum's deficit. Attendance remained stable and there was no protest from the public, so, six months later, the Museum announced that the admission price would go up to $1.50.
It can be inferred that, in increasing the admission charge to $1.50, the Board of Directors assumed that:
A) People did not protest the initial charge because they felt it was necessary to keep the Museum in operation
B)Since people did not protest the initial charge, they will also accept the raised price
C)Since $1.50 is three times the original charge, it is probable that attendance will drop as the public protests the increase
D)The increased revenue from admissions will enable the Museum to expand its operations
E) Tripling the admission cost every six months will not cause a drop in attendance

2 has to be the answer..
Anyone appearing for GMAT in june here..??
1. Teresa: Manned spaceflight does not have a future, since it cannot compete economically with other means of accomplishing the objectives of spaceflight.
Edward: No mode of human transportation has a better record of reliability: two accidents in twenty-five years. Thus manned spaceflight definitely has a positive future.
Which of the following is the best logical evaluation of Edward's argument as a response to Teresa's argument?
1. It cites evidence that, if true, tends to disprove the evidence cited by Teresa in drawing her conclusion.
2. It indicates a logical gap in the support that Teresa offers for her conclusion.
3. It raises a consideration that outweighs the argument Teresa makes.
4. It does not meet Teresa's point because it assumes that there is no serious impediment to transporting people into space, but this was the issue raised by Teresa.
5. It fails to respond to Teresa's argument because it does not address the fundamental issue of whether space activities should have priority over other claims on the
national budget.

4 ... according to me

The majority of a person's health care expenditures goes towards curative measures like hospitalizations after injuries and care for existing illnesses. Paula's employer does not provide health insurance to his part-time employees, including Paula. However, he does reimburse employees for a flu shot each winter.
Paula's employer's seemingly inconsistent behavior in regard to health care expenses is best explained by which of the following?
A. Health insurance rarely covers pre-existing illnesses.
B. Part-time employees are usually covered by the insurance of a spouse or parent with full-time employment.
C. Few employers offer health insurance to part-time employees.
D. Flu shots prevent illness that could lead to lost work days.
E. Health insurance premiums are on the rise.
Explanation: The employers do not provide Health insurance but a flu shot every winter shows that they see some benefit of their own in providing those flu shots..
D explains this the best..

I think its E..
The meaning of the sentence is that "the only eye witness account of the eruption of the Vesuvius was written by nephew of Pliny and this was done in two letters to the historian Tacitus...
So sentence A conveys it incorrectly "(A) The nephew of Pliny the Elder wrote the only eyewitness account of the great eruption of Vesuvius in two letters to the historian Tacitus."
It sounds as if the eruption took place in two letters. The position of this phrase in two letters... is not proper...
I would go with E