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Can anybody tell me about good counsellers in mumbai? Just took my GRE yesterday...

2. With which firm/brand would u associate 'Enriching Lives'?

4. Which neighboring country of Ind changed its name in the year 1972?

6. Which fast food giant turned 50(years) in 2005?
Mc D

7. Whats common to Audrey Hepburn, Sir Roger Moore, singer Harry Belafonte and Amitabh Bachchan?
all working for unicef

8. Which software giant was hired by the Govt. of UAE in April 2005 to design its traffic controlling/monitoring mechanims?

9. Name this person who's on the Board of Dir. of Balaji Telefilms n also is a graduate frm the Michigan School of Management. (Cant get easier than this)
Tusshar(though he doesnt look so)

my scores:
QA 7.4
DI 3.67
VA 17.67

Of course not happy with the scores ... will try and improve for the next mocks...

It was just a battle, not the war


u have two circles of the same area intersecting each other so tht each circle passes thru the others centre. (refer the olympics symbol, but with two equal passing thru the others centre)

what would be the area of the common region w.r.t the area of either circle?

reason for asking this is tht such sums are gen seen at many places, so knowing the area in terms of the area of the circle would help save time

Draw the fig,Join the intersection points of 2 circles to the centres of the circles.The qual so obtained will b a rhombus,all 4 sides equal to r.Notice that the top half of the rhombus forms an equi triangle with each side r and angle 60. So we get the central angle as theta=60*2=120

Now apply the formula 4 area of seg as
A= (r^2)(theta*PI/360 - (sin(theta))/2)
Put theta as 120,
A=(r^2)(PI/3 -(sqroot(3))/4)
Multiply by 2 coz we have 2 such segments
A=2*(r^2)(PI/3 -(sqroot(3))/4)

1 London Stock Exchange
2 Young Turks


4 Parkinson's law

5 Jamshedpur

1. Conflict diamonds? used in angola.sierra leone???

2.Apple i-pod
3.Priyamvada birla will case
5.Duch original

waitin 4 remaining ans...

(3) Ezee, Trilo & Key from Cussons India Ltd., was acquired by whom ?

Under what brand name does Bengal Waterproof Ltd, whose subsidiaries include Bihar Rubber Company Ltd and Bensri Rubber Products, sell its products?
Which pioneering industrialist said: "There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible"? He sure practised what he preached!
Henry Ford
Complete the name: Cara Carleton Sneed .... Fiorina

the American Dental association ADA granted crest the right to use its(ADA's) name 4 advertising...

1 vodafone
4 Cholayil?
6 Allen Paul
7 provogue