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If you need knowledge keep adding something to your mind everyday,

But if you need wisdom keep deleting few things from your mind everyday.

  • Vo Kaise. 19 Jul.

nice signature

  • Thank you :blush:. 07 Jul.

Anyone from raipur?

  • Not exactly Raipur, why?. 24 Jun.

which variant of aimcats have u joined? y r u selling it?

  • do u want to buy it for 3300 ?. 25 Jun.
  • @neeraj_chhabria ?. 25 Jun.

Guys can anyone help me in suggesting a good app to increase the vocab for GMAT.

Pls add me in whatsapp group


Someone Pls create a whatsapp group for aspirants here.

R J @chatpata
Puys, the exam is coming near and we need to gear up by coordinating with each other. As a whatsapp group has a limit of 50 people, the previously formed group is already filled up. I have made a new group. Kindly share your numbers here or pm me so that we can help each other. Economic Survey is...
rohit rohitdhanrajgir @rohitdhan
Anyone here who has a pdf of Indian economy by ramesh singh please share and send it to me at